World Series Rage and/or Gloating


Well the fireworks have awoken the dogs so I’ll get up too

Mind you, I’m a good hour north of the city…


A well deserved win. Congrats, Cubs fans.

Now I can go back to once again being oblivious to sportsball happenings.



Did the Cubs benefit from any boners?



If Trump were playing he would have swung at those intentional-walk pitches. He would have just stepped out of the box and swung away, then when they called him on it he’d have said the game was rigged.


I having been thinking about that comparison more along the lines of:

If the Cubs can win the World Series (:astonished: YES! YES! YES! YES!) and end their 108 year long drought, then maybe we can finally have a female president and end our erm… very, very, very, very, very, very long drought.


I was back in Illinois that year (down in Urbana), so I take credit for that one.

Good for the Cubbies, though I’m happy not to be back in my childhood home town where everyone is probably smugly congratulating themselves.



Ouch. I felt that one all the way out here.


That’s the part that gets me: Why the FUCK would anyone want to take their pet goat to a baseball game?


Now that’s the kind of out-of-the-batter’s-box thinking that will no doubt make America great again.

(In truth, swinging at intentional-walk pitches is a rare but existent thing, although stepping out of the batter’s box is not allowed.)


I remember seeing the Cabrera one (on the news, if nothing else). It was a “whoa” moment.


Now maybe the city of Chicago can finally forgive Steve Bartman. What that man was subjected to was a disgrace.

But…what a great, great Series!! Classic. I would rank it as one of the 3 or 4 best in my lifetime. (The 1975 Series is still #1)


Finally the ghost of Mrs. O’Leary’s cow can rest.



From today’s Surviving the World:

Thus, the answer to “what happens when the Cubs win the World Series” is pretty convoluted but you are guaranteed doom of one kind or another.

That being said, it’s been long joked that a Cubs World Series victory would mark the end of the world, so thankfully there’s no major election any day soon. (Please vote.)

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