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Metal Blade Records. Band was called Agony Column, even though they were a metal band they were as much a part of the scene as Bad Mutha Goose (funk) or the Killer Bees (reggae). I guess you could say Texas punk didnt live by a rule book :grin:

What kept the thing going was kids making their own fun not any kind of ideology or isms & schisms. Maybe isms & schisms were important in San Francisco or at Dischord House but in all the other cities not so much.

What bugs me is that the ideologies and isms & schisms are so much easier to latch onto than the reality and so thats what the Ivory Tower will write as if it was the real thing when in fact it wasnt for the vast majority of people.


Cool. I don’t know this label, but I’m not a metal fan, very much at least.

I think that was true of lots of smaller or less well-known/studied scenes, at least from what I’ve seen.

Since I can’t go back in a time machine to the various scenes, I can really only go by what I’ve read or what I’ve been told by people who were there (including what you’ve said here about your experiences as a Texas punk). There is always the danger of missing something when writing a history like this, but all one can do is acknowledge the inability to ever fully recreate the past as it actually was - but that’s not the point anyhow. The question I’m dealing with is more about what punk tells us about its point in time. I’m certainly not enough of an egotist to think whatever I end up writing in this dissertation will be the most important or last word on the subject. Far from it. People far smarter than I’ll ever be will likely spring board off whatever drivel I write and either agree with some or it or none of it.

But it sounds like the Texas scene would benefit from an oral history like has been done for New York and LA. Just a project that interviews people who were there and nothing more.


People who werent happy with regular things found something else to do and made their own fun.


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