First look at CBS’ Supergirl is very promising


I don’t know how the whole First Look video is but I watched the first minute and I couldn’t not stand it. The show might be good but I don’t think it’ll be for me.

…for a long time in that video I was reminded of the SNL Black Widow parody.

Then she did awesome stuff and now it might be OK!


I’m getting a strong Ally McBeal vibe from this, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

The danger, I think, is if it focuses too much on the “cute girl, big city” trope and only uses the monster-of-the-week as a way of interrupting dates and work meetings — that’s just a different kind of problematic gender stereotype.

If they can hit the right balance, this could be good. Still, if we’re going to do a “super-heroine’s personal-life” tv series, I’d much rather see one based on the current run of She-Hulk.


I think it looks good. Doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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A cheerful tone is fine, but this kind of show lives and dies by its writing. Sadly, I didn’t see anything terribly promising in that trailer. I found The Flash about as dull as Arrow, even though they take very different approaches.

wow, this looks awful. I guess it’s aimed more towards a teen audience, like the flash or smallville.

My inner kineticist frowns every time I see the “truck/car smashes around me” meme in these movies. That’s not how momentum works. She doesn’t weigh several tons, she should get knocked a fucking block by that truck. She won’t get injured, I get that. If she DOES weigh several tons, she should sink into the road. Bothers me when they pick up buildings and stuff too–shit crumples, yo.

…also catching people falling from buildings and them not breaking all the bones in their bodies.


One of the many made-up-on-the-fly-to-explain-something powers that Superman (and presumably Supergirl) gained over the years is “tactile telekinesis.” Basically anything they touch or hold doesn’t crumple even when they lift it by a single point because magic.

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Except for the trains that crumple around them every time they stand still. That’s because of their superpower called: “The audience is ignorant.”

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Weird, Jimmy Olsen is buff?

How can DC possibly fuck this up?

…was the subject of a Supergirl strategy meeting over at DC. If they ever make a good television show it will be the first.

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I always rationalized the “truck/car smashes around me” as a corollary of their (Superman/Supergirl) flight powers: instead of movement (flight) they would fix themselves to a point of reference (i.e. the road).

Unfortunately most of the other intersections of super-strength and physics I find to be immersion breaking. I will admit I can put up with a fair amount of unintentional reality twisting before it becomes an issue but when they get it right (rarely) makes it that much sweeter.

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"it’s about time we had a female superhero who’s super jazzed about her powers. "

What about the cheerleader in heroes? She wasn’t necessarily always happy about being super but she wasn’t really the brooding assassin type.

This looks a bit too Ally McBeal/ Devil Wears Prada to be my cup of tea, but it’ll be great for people who were into those. For a court of super human law I also vote for She-Hulk series to be a thing please, up to at least the standard of Gotham (which is just my favourite thing at the moment).

I was not impressed by the first minute either, but by the half-way point it was looking pretty good. Similar upbeat tone to The Flash, which has me optimistic. CGI looks a bit low budget, but it can be dealt with.

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