The Flash: extended trailer for new TV show


Waaiit a minute… did they just glue some lightning-bolt buttons on Ben Affleck’s leather outfit from Daredevil? I guess he doesn’t need it anymore now that he’s upgrading to “Batman.”

I bet that leather would squeak like crazy at the speeds the Flash travels.

And damn . . . the chafing! His secret HQ had better have a “powder down” room, and a copious supply of Superhero-grade Marathoner’s Bag Balm for his nipples.

I thought the trailer was pretty cool. I just hope he can still run 2 million times faster than the speed of light in this series.

Yeah, I don’t get it. I know costume designs that work in comics rarely look as good on real-life actors, but where’s all this leather & vinyl coming from? At least go with materials that look like something an athlete might wear. That said, it still looks 100 times better than the costume from that Wonder Woman reboot a couple years ago.

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Reverse the tornado. Yessss.

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Uhh, did I just watch the entire first season in five minutes?


I wonder if they will make any references to barefoot running? Does Flash run with a heel- or forefoot-strike?

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if riding a motorcycle has ever taught anyone anything, then this “outfit” is missing the two most important features…

  1. the mouth screen that prevents bugs from flying down his throat at a bajillion miles per hour
  2. crash helmet, for when he trips or hits things, that leather skull cap isn’t going to do jack to prevent his melon from spilling out everywhere

oh and are red leather boots really the best choice for running? really? :slight_smile:

the preview was fun, but i can’t tell yet if i’m going to love or hate this show…

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Did any of you complaining about leather even watch the trailer? They mention its made of some super polymer. Sure it looks like leather to us, but the show is a scifi comic.


I’m not crazy about the dead-mom origin, and the costume is kind of meh (although it can always be upgraded in the future, of course), but the rest of it looks pretty decent.

Fine. “pleather” then.

“I’m not crazy about the dead-mom origin”

That is like straight out of the books* so I don’t understand how that can be a problem. I won’t spoil anything but its a fine story of who actually was the killer and how it all ties back to the Flash.

*See 2009’s Geoff Johns ‘Flash Rebirth’ story.

I barely made it 60 seconds into the trailer. I’ve burned out on that whole fade-in, 2-second-clip, fade-out, 1-second-black fad.

Scifi comic. So I guess they won’t have him tearing muscles, passing out from oxygen deprivation, or burning up / eroding away from friction as he runs.

H.G.Wells touched on the heat problem of going hyperspeed in “The New Accelerator,” but even he took a pass on dealing with the issues.

So I am guessing you have never read a Flash comic before then?

Tearing muscles: Part of his abilities include a heightened healing ability (kind of like Wolverine)

O2 dep/friction: In the books at least (not sure how the show will deal with this outside of his suit protecting him physically) there is a thing called ‘The Speed Source’ that gives all speedsters (including the bad ones) of the DC world their speed abilities. Some sci-fi handwaving for sure, but no more implausible than faster than light travel or any other ridiculous sci-fi element created to give us an entertaining story.

My brief interest in comics was more manga-oriented, not much in the way of superheroes. I stand enlightened.

Glad to be of service. My mom said it would never amount to anything, but I am glad the massive amounts of useless knowledge residing in my brain can finally make a difference!

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It’s a super hero work, Like fantasy, I’d cut them some slack. I did like their CW’s previous work on the Arrow so this show seems promising.

I think the crash helmet would do nothing if he even travels close to the speed of light. So meh.

This trailer even had a line about him healing a broken bone quickly.