Fish suddenly eats tankmate

Done for the film, poor description, should not be here.
This is death for amusement, and is not acceptable

Wait, what? This paragraph?

“Not exactly a fair parallel to the city kid/country kid scenario, as what we have here is two animals in far too small a cage for the express purpose of having one eat the other recorded on video for other people to vicariously enjoy.”

It wasn’t the fish eating the other fish that I was reacting to — that’s fine with me.

It was the video being posted for, as far as I could tell, a set-up of watching two fish in a bare tank, one eating the other, with no reference as to why — like to show how one feeds a big fish.

Honestly, I don’t see how commenting on a video of one fish eating another is advocating veganism. Where did I tell people why they should never eat meat?

Anyway, I’m sorry if I came off preachy. It wasn’t my intent.


Two years ago a buddy built a pond in his back yard and had a few large goldfish. He spent the first winter chopping holes in the top ice to keep the pond oxygenated. They made it through the winter and grew to a large size.

One day he grabbed coffee, and went out on his back deck to see a heron standing in the pond. He never restocked the pond.


Tank is too small, probably 1/4 the size that catfish needs at a minimum. It looks like one of those, “Hey see what this fish can gobble down” videos, Presumably the goldfish was tossed in just to get the video. The algae eater (gyrinocheilos ?) is probably just there in a misguided attempt at keeping the tank clean and will likely starve to death before the catfish is done digesting the goldfish.

I worked at/held the key for a pet store when I was in college and the owner actually told us we weren’t to sell people fish that were likely to outgrow the tank they were going into. You’d be surprised at the number of folks who didn’t believe that a goldfish can grow a foot long and live decades if you don’t keep it in a jar…


OMG! I’m not that far from a city river with herons…now, I really want to have a pond! I didn’t see the point of just having fish…but to have HERONS striding around in the backyard!


If you feed them, they will come.

Long, long ago, my dad (a botanist and wetland scientist) turned a disused sandlot in our country house backyard into a wetland - diverted a spring to fill it with water, excavated the middle and made a dike around the edges, planted it with wetland plants. It lacked frogs, so we went out one foggy spring night when the frogs were all crossing the road in search of compatible mates, caught a bunch of them, and liberated them in our little backyard wetland. The frogs made themselves at home and laid lots of tadpole eggs. Soon enough we had creatures hanging around out back specifically for the free frog buffet.


I’d be thrilled just to hear them making a racket on hot summer nights!

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Points for using that abomination of a movie for something of value!

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OH man, he lost a couple that way. Added a netting over it. Just talked to him today and he has to go fish out a turtle that got in there.


Another frog related story from long ago. My father ran a wetland plant nursery. In addition to a greenhouse, he had some artificial ponds - square sided concrete pits half full of water, used for growing marsh plants that only thrive when fully submerged. One summer, I spent an hour or so with him fishing snapping turtles out of the concrete ponds. They would go into the pools in pursuit of the frogs that lived there. But unlike the frogs, they were not able to jump back out, so they were trapped. The presence of frog body parts in the water would alert us that somewhere in amongst the reeds and water lilies lurked a bad tempered reptile that could bite your finger clean off. Once we found it, we had to lift it out and carry it to the nearby stream. The smaller ones you could put a shovel under them and lift, then carry them on the shovel blade to the stream. The bigger ones… well, figuring out how to carry a big ass heavy turtle with a 15 or 18 inch diameter shell in a way that prevented it from tearing giant gouges (or worse) in my hands or arms with its claws or beak was a rather tricky geometric puzzle.


Totally. Chickens are total assholes to each other, and roosters are assholes to everything.


My favourite story…
We live in the country. My very good friend has a husband who used to work away a lot. One time, they had a scrappy fight that ended when he went off to work. She was still pissed. Then, standing at the kitchen window the day after he left, she saw a beautiful heron statue in the pond. ‘Oh!’ she thought. "He bought me this beautiful statue, and I bitched him out about something stupid!’
Then, the heron statue bent its neck, lightning-fast, and ate the last koi…


It’s amazing here - you can’t talk on the phone outside in spring for the racket. Particularly awesome is the 3-am moment when they’re in full song, then … silence. Something walked by. Then, boom. Back at it.


always have to be careful with large fish.

Or small, really mean fish. I bought a baby gar about 3 inches long. I came home to find him with his jaw blown out and my gourami missing in action. I had really thought the gourami’s size would protect him. The gar died.


And also at @strangefriendbb :
In the same way that two dogs fighting each other is cruelty.

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How very cruel to keep fishes in such a barren tank, and to house incompatible species in it. This publication tries to present this as being humorous but there is nothing funny about cruelty.


My issue is with the size of the feeder. That gulper’s stomach is seriously distended. It’s dinner is actively struggling and likely will be for some time. My suspicion that things may not end well for our predator seems to be confirmed:

…gulper cats can eat creatures half as large as themselves, and while they cannot eat creatures their own size or larger, they will often still try! This can lead to at least one dead fish, and sometimes two…

Making this video nothing more than some tuber rolling the dice with a captive animal’s life, camera filming as he feeds it bigger and bigger meals just to increase the shock value (number of views) of his latest upload.


I get that reaction, but if one is keeping catfish one has to feed them something. this time they filmed feeding and the only startling aspect is how large of fish a gulper catfish will eat in comparison to itself. they could have fed it 4 or 5 smaller fish.

it is a f’n fish eat fish world out there my friend. i wish nature weren’t so damn harsh sometimes…

many animals will only eat live prey, just like the do in nature. i felt sorry for the goldfish for sure, but a gulper catfish can put down an entire pond of koi in a season by itself they are basically nature’s eating machines. little catfish don’t get a free pass.

i think what triggers the most empathy is that it is a small closed tank with no place to hide. basically this is dinner. that seems unfair to my sense of fairness i want the koi to have a fighting chance, go underdog and all of that, but nature sure doesn’t work that way so i wonder why i feel any difference about witnessing something that nature would have zero qualms about throwing down. i guess that’s empathy for ya. nature is the worst at animal cruelty, it is responsible for 100% of it, even us, yep we are animals doing what animals do.

No, this is feeding time. have you never even seen a pet store? have to feed the fish regularly. it seems unfair to us that the koi doesn’t get some sort of fighting chance to win its freedom to the great big blue or whatever nonsense, but almost no one who is feeding a pet makes it intentionally hard for them to eat their dinner.

I’m quite surprised people here haven’t owned pets that required live feeding. personally i find live rodents to snakes harder than fish to fish. many pet stores sell baby male rats and mice as feeders for piranha and snakes. i feel much more for mammals than koi. in nature it is much much worse.

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which is brexit and which one is the european community :sunny:


A. Just because a pet store does it, doesn’t mean it isn’t animal cruelty (in fact many pet stores are horrible to the animals in them).
B. This isn’t about fairness for the animal being eaten. The tank is too small. I have never seen anyone advocate moving fish around (which is stressful for them) to feed them. So it seems as if this is where the fish are being kept (animal cruelty) or, more likely, this was a specific setup to force the one fish to eat a fish larger than it normally would (see point C)
C. It is not normal to feed such a large fish to a predatory fish. It is dangerous for the predatory fish. You even say “they could have fed it 4 or 5 smaller fish” (which is the norm in my experience).
D. I haven’t seen it yet, but some apologist may say this happened while a tank was being cleaned, but it is unlikely that a camera would be setup in that case, so I call bullshit on that in advance.