Fish with two mouths caught in Australia

Ha! I’m flattered you were moved to googling my conjecture :smile:

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I hear Gillette is coming out with a fish that has seven butts.


“The best thing to do is keep an eye on the fish and if it starts to have difficulties I would put it to sleep.”

Makes me curious what bit of morphology this oddity developed from. If I recall correctly, jaws developed from pharangeal arches, some of which also develop into gill support structures. Even more interestingly: many kinds of fish have a second set of internal “pharangial jaws” in their throat.

Which gets me wondering if any of the following might’ve occurred during development:

  • Original mouth structure simply copied too many times.
  • Pharangeal jaws somehow activated as external mouth structure instead.
  • Other, unrelated pharangeal arch activated as external mouth structure.
  • Something else entirely.

I thought “sleeping with the fishes” has Mafia-related connotations?

…but, maybe, the fish was talking too much…
…can a fish become a rat?

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Keep an eye on it, if it opens its not-mouth - it’s fish food.

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Definitely a case of you’re-what-you-eat, then.

Personally I am glad it isn’t a white pointer.

How does it taste taste?

That picture should require at least a click to get to, and be labeled NSFLA.

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