The human-like lips on this fish are disconcerting


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Anyone else remember that Don Knotts movie The Incredible Mr. Limpet?

(Spoiler: Warner Brothers had the idea for a movie in which a human bangs a fish long before Benicio Del Toro.)


“human-like lips on this fish are disconcerting”


Was coming to say the same thing…


Please cross breed with this fish.


What about genitalia ?

asking for a friend.


I guess that’s what the “animal testing” on lipstick brands is referring to.


Mr. Limpet was my first thought as well



Probably inadvertent artificial selection. You catch one of those guys, go AAAHhh, and throw it back in.


This is amazing. Reminds me of the (in)famous Seaman game


I think Lucille Ball was reincarnated as a fish.


Reminiscent of:

Which then led me to the wonderful:

“ooohhhh fishy, fishy, fishy fish!”


I threw up a little


I’ve read that various plastics and drugs being flushed aquifers had hormonal affects on fish, but, I mean, really?


If I ever see some guy asking for cichlid at the fish market, I will move slowly away.


It’s saying, the fish-like lips on that human are disconcerting.


Since fish preceded humans evolutionarily, perhaps we should say that humans have fish lips.


You think that’s weird, look at this mofo’s teeth.


someone please tell splitsider that the word is “antepenultimate”