Fisherman catch first documented two-headed porpoises

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They must be operating at cross-porpoises.


Shouldn’t that either be “two-headed porpoise” (if we’re counting bodies) or “conjoined porpoises” (if we’re counting heads)?


It might not be a fluke, maybe it has two heads on porpoise?


So does mean that we’re poisoning all the oceans, or that we’re so completely overfishing them that we’re finding all the weird stuff that’s hiding deep in the chasms?

An individual porpoise would simply be Phocoena (Mammalia, Cetacea).

Well, we are overfishing and poisoning the oceans; but I suspect that this isn’t good evidence of that.

The ‘monsters and marvels’ genre has been quite popular, and not without plenty of serious oddities of developmental biology, since at least classical times(it’s one of the bits of Aristotle that is simultaneously endearing and obnoxious: guy definitely dissected more fish and stuff than his ponderous metaphysics of formal, efficient, and final causes would suggest; but in the face of "so how do you get freaky flipper babies and such from the final cause, he basically just shrugs and handwaves. Jerk.)

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