Fitness guru Richard Simmons: "I have a gift for you"

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The synth line is like various styles of industrial and techno EBM. Like - a lot of Grendel vibes if I had to put a finger on it. Part of it anyway. Some of it sounds like more of a Belgian dance.

But then the concertina (?) and vocals are more Europop silliness.

I kinda like it!


I really need to be more careful about where I go on the internet. I guess if you could tolerate at least 20 seconds, the damage is relatively minimal. You don’t hear much accordion in popular songs, I imagine that’s not going to change anytime soon. And, somehow, I found Divine’s own musical foray entertaining. I really wasn’t expecting that.

Not a Weird Al fan, I take it.


Is this a polka? I presume by “does not disappoint” you mean “is absolutely terrible”.

Pet Shop Boys + Falco + Flight of the Conchords. In any case, it’s awesome to see that Richard Simmons is doing his thing and spreading joy.


I was expecting to be amused. I guess I am… but I was big into goa and psy trance back in the 90’s and um that sounds closer to old school Goa trance to me than anything else sigh Well instead of sci-fi movie samples it has Richard Simmons samples.

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Accordion player? Yeah, there’s also Stolen Babies and The Tiger Lillies. Any of 'em would have really helped here. :smiley:

It’s got a certain vibe to it, not bad, but it hasn’t quite given “The World Looks White” the boot from my head.


Yeah, this is late 80’s Euro-gestalt I didn’t know I needed. Its like if you went to Ghent in 1989 and tried to play all the new records at once.


Had to look that up. You mean this?

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Yup! If you like that, you might like it’s partner track:

And if you really want to abuse your ears, Try “War Without Reason”: (WARNING: It starts LOUD.)

(TBH, the entire ULTRAKILL soundtrack is pretty banging.)

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