You can finally buy Richard Simmons as a Chia Pet

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I’ve also seen ads for this Chia Pet.

I like to think both products are a genius “why didn’t anyone think of that before?” move rather than an attempt to target the LGBTQ+ market, but both would be good, too.

Simmons is apparently offering lockdown workout videos as well.

I’m glad to see that Simmons has come back into public life in such a productive and positive way. He sounds like a good guy with a great sense of humour.


I had an art teacher who was a classmate of his. He described him as a hyperactive fat kid.

Oh, according to Wikipedia those lockdown workout videos were pre-recorded before his withdrawal. If so, whatever caused it seems to still be ongoing.

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I thought the ad I saw on tv last night also had a Bob Ross chia pet. So uf yiu have the right kind of hair, you get a chia pet.

Maybe there should be a Kathleen Cleaver chia pet.

I might have seen the ad while watching “Almost Christmas”, which isn’t Hallmark but i more about the dysfunction kf Christmas celebration. It does have kids, and they have an important place, but nothing about Santa Claus or presents.

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He’s old - in his 70s. So it was probably time for him to retire. I retired at 66, and I’m happy to be out of the rat race now.

Simmons helped a lot of people - he’s one of the good guys. And I do like this song he recorded shortly before he retired - very cool. It’s fun and inspirational, and it shows just how broad his fan base is.

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