Video: The Epic Kitten Food Bowl Rush


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Just to get it out of the way, this is the obligatory comment criticizing the vertical format of the video: I hereby criticize the vertical format of the video.

Now enjoy the kittens.


I’m not going to criticize the vertical format, becuase I don’t watch vertically formatted video, and therefore have no basis for doing so. I’ve also told my kids if they ever video anything (except bungie jumping) in a vertical format, I’m flushing their phones.


Why the exception for bungee jumping?

Man, that bothers you guys so much.

It is an abomination unto the LORD.

In other news, Chi-Chi’s used to have a Mexican buffet that… well, it’s not such a good idea to offer me unlimited Mexican. I will eat until it is gone, or the paramedics arrive. Chi-Chi’s seems to have gone out of business in the 90s, and I may be the reason.

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It is an activity particularly that seems well suited to a vertical view of our otherwise overwhelmingly horizontal world. Whenever I have the chance to see it in person, I actually lie on my side to watch it.

But honestly, even bungie jumping is probably also best filmed in landscape mode, to capture the scnery and context better.

This reminds me of planting kudzu in the South. First, you stomp on the ground to get its attention. Then you drop a kudzu cutting and run like hell.

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Just looked it up. 61,000ha each year being taken over by kudzu. That sounds like a lot. I guess it is.

The appropriate amount of drift compensation would appear to come pre-programed into these diminutive creatures. Feline versions of the extreme parallel parking stunt drivers. Power, brakes, traction.

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