WATCH: Savage fox eats man alive




Whew! that was difficult to watch, but Nature can be cruel…


I need to show this to my kids so they understand that wild animals are safe to play with!


Rabies Schmabies


Not to mention the evar present threat of Ebola.


I was kinda’ cringing…
Puppy teeth are like needles – I imagine that kit teeth are even worse.


Don’t worry. By training this kit so that it isn’t afraid of humans, they’ve made sure that it’ll be killed/destroyed before it can do any serious damage.

/haven’t people learned by now?


How about a trigger warning next time!


nom nom nom :smile:


##Won’t somebody think of the aspect-ratios?!?!?!

Seriously, why can’t flashy-youtube-video-embeds do vertical without the d**n black regions? Just because: horizontal controls?


Why won’t phone software designers just refuse to record video in vertical?


I was going to complain about that, and then I thought: why the eff not?

Go to any museum and check out the dimensions of an artwork.

We haven’t restricted jpegs pngs or gifs to particular aspect ratios.

Why should video-ratios be determined by obsolete hardware? (movie, television, etc.)

It’s all digital. If somebody wants a 3pixelx1746pixel video – WHY THE EFF NOT.


I didn’t until now!! Thanks a lot.


For me it’s that we have basically decided that all video viewing is to be horizontal, even when it was just a 3:4 ratio, it was still wider than taller.


While that looks cute and all, once a wild fox pup has flip-flop foot odor on its breath, its mother won’t take it back.


Imagine “Lawrence of Arabia” in 1746pixel x 3pixel.


I wouldn’t mind a vertical video at all if it wasn’t then forced into a horizontal frame by YouTube.

Go to any museum and you’ll see the frames match the artwork.


Excellent! Now I can watch time lapse videos of growing spaghetti!


The way it was meant to be!

We had a fox and six kits under the shed in our backyard for a week or two two years ago. It was pretty incredible.


Why don’t phone hardware and software designers make it so that one-handed operation of the camera and record button is natural while holding the phone in either orientation instead of only vertical?