WATCH: Savage fox eats man alive

My Nokia 808 did fine in that department – it also had a dedicated camera hardware button. Apple will do it 3 years from now in a groudbreaking engineering feat…


Can’t stop watching this without hearing Henery Hawk in my head…

“Lemme at 'em, lemme at 'em!”

Oh my God. That was terrifying. Has anyone notified the poor guy’s family?


“Oh, no, he swallowed my toe.
Oh, gee, he’s up to my knee.
Oh, my, he’s up to my thigh…”
—Shel Silverstein


And what does the fox say ?

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Perfect! However, needs some lens flare…

“Why, it’s a li’l ol’ lint-pickin’ weasel!!!” ~~ Foghorn Leghorn


Reminds me of that story from Plutarch:
In the case of another boy, when the time had arrived during which it was the custom for the free boys to steal whatever they could, and it was a disgrace not to escape being found out, when the boys with him had stolen a young fox alive, and given it to him to keep, and those who had lost the fox came in search for it, the boy happened to have slipped the fox under his garment. The beast, however, became savage and ate through his side to the vitals; but the boy did not move or cry out, so as to avoid being exposed, and left, when they had departed, the boys saw what had happened, and blamed him, saying that p407it would have been better to let the fox be seen than to hide it even unto death; but the boy said, B"Not so, but better to die without yielding to the pain than through being detected because of weakness of spirit to gain a life to be lived in disgrace."2

“I say, I say! Those are toes, not Vi-enna sausages!”

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Too bad the human is wearing flip-flops, because I’d love to be able to say: Won’t somebody think of the Keds?

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