Five fetuses found in the home of anti-abortion activist

Five. Because these anti abortion people are really really really really really into fetuses!


I’m surprised the Right haven’t organized some macabre adoption service that hooks up fetuses with suitable foster parents who will get to name their fetus-child; receive an ornate plaque-mounted parchment describing in detail the life it would have had if it had come to full term and lived; and be given the honor of paying for a burial or, if cremated, they will receive an urn sporting an AI mashup of the foster parent’s faces.


Too bad she didn’t have that tape over her nostrils as well as her mouth.


Would have been darkly comical if Lauren Handy pleaded the fifth. “1-2-3-4-Fiiiif”
Plead The Fifth Dave Chappelle GIF

Saw this guy a few times back in the day.

As shocking as the band(?) name was at the time it doesn’t match the obscenity on the anti-choice folk.

The following incarnation of JG Thirwell’s Foetus Interruptus also has an apt monica.

Also contains the Boing Boing Boiing song Hauss-on-Fah!

(I suspect Trent Reznor took some influence!)


That’s not far off.

From what I understand there’s sort of sketchy pipeline for these sorts of remains in anti-choice and Evangelical circles.

Apparently they come from devout women who experience miscarriage, still birth, or self administer abortions. “Donated” in the aftermath.

I met a women years ago who had gotten out of a restrictive Christian community, after being pressured to “let her child serve god”.


There’s a 20-year-old essay “The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion” here:

TLDR: The people in abortion clinics often perform abortions on the people who picket them. Because their abortion is “different”.


@joed, you got that right!

I had to image search Lauren Handy. There was a nutjob at the Manassas clinic where I used to escort and I wanted to see if it was her. Nope. There’s TONS of these parasites out there!

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