Five games about cats for you to try




Circle the Cat.


Games with cats in them?

How about The Cat and the Coup.

Because what would be more obvious than exploring the overthrow of Iranian democracy through a cat-based computer game.


Acoustic Kitty is pleased by your skepticism concerning feline/CIA collaboration; but would like you to speak more loudly and clearly when possible…


Thanks for the article! I will check these games out. I would like to suggest caregiver in place of caretaker. As a dear departed friend under care of a caregiver explained to me - caretakers are for cemeteries, and I’m not dead yet.


Here’s a much more adorable and frustrating one: Cats


Finish writing Twine game based on “The Master and Margarita” from Behemoth’s PoV.

And by finish, I mean actually start properly. :crying_cat_face:


Agggh! Well, that certainly startled the on-duty operator. I guess I should not visit random links with my volume turned up… and in fact normally I don’t. D’OH!


Lots here


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