Get inside the mind of a cat with the game "Stray"

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Stray was fun enough but not really because of the cat angle. The first bit’s are novel but, as the game progresses, the need for a player to be a cat diminishes. The game could be EXACTLY the same if your persona was another small animal, a robot, a miniaturized person, whatever.


You can meow and scratch, but there’s no “hwarf up a huge slimy hairball” button


i’m currently playing Stray, and i really love it. my cats also were briefly entertained.


If you like Stray but wanted more cat gameplay, check out Peace Island. It’s still in development, but has a playable demos (for patreon backers).
Disclaimer: I’m a backer, and have been following the amazing work from this small team since the beginning, and I cannot wait for this game!


Bonus points for inappropriate timing and location?


You may want to keep an eye on Peace Island. It is all about the cats! :smile_cat:

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In other thrid prrson cat games, i kind of liked the Psychic Cat game from years back. At least the premise and weird psychedelic world were really intriguing.
But it was something of a walking simulator. And those can be fun, but this one often seemed to be a long bit of walking through nothing between weird encounters. Also, if there was ever a goal, it was unclear to me.


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