When there's just way too much crazy Trump news


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Yup. That sums up how I feel.


Reminds me of my friends’ cat being terrified by my wife’s protest hat.


As much as I loathe cats…my god this kitty and I have all the same feels right now. total empathy. I just want to curl up and he and I hug each other until we feel whole again.



The internet is on fire. keep close to water.


I am done with this Trump BS. I’m not alone, that much is apparent, but sweet Jesus for my mental health i feel like i need to get the hell away. Sadly the best i can do right now is play videogames.




A review, for the curious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jff5I8vr92U


Ugh; I’d rather play Kim Karsdashian’s ridiculous and pointless game.


Fortunately, the internet is full of pointless games to distract ourselves with


I always lose these races with you, but we need a distraction from all the awful.


I’d go old school before I’d play either one, TBH.


Cold. Cold as ice.


If the five city levels are passed, the player then faces a business competition with Trump. The object of the challenge is to go into business against Trump for a fixed number of years and then come out with higher profit, with the ultimate goal of driving him into bankruptcy.

I hope the AI is better than the real world Trump, otherwise it would be a very easy game.


Me, waking up and noticing the news.






I am a dog person. But I did meet a cat once that I really like who really liked me. So much that when my ex moved to California she paid for my flight to take him through the airport nonsense. Alas, we no longer speak. Hope he and his owner are doing well.


Tiny torties are the best (well except for all the others).