The Nuisance Committee: Cards Against Humanity against Trump


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Off topic, but someone please tell me that someone had made a Donald Trump Top Trumps set.


How? His supporters are the kids who stand behind the playground bully and cheer him on. They love controversy.


So they complain that Trump is getting too much media attention by saying stupid things, and think the way to stop that is bringing even more attention to the stupid things he say, making media write about that too? Somehow I’m skeptical that is a working strategy…


They complain about it, but secretly love it. No real work required, the stories write themselves.



The Super-PAC is called “The Nuisance Committee,” in homage to co-founder Max Temkin’s grandfather…

Was he played by Bob Crane?


I wonder if a Trump-themed card game would sell better than that Trump-themed board game.


I hope they come up with some better billboards.


In my years in the Atlantic City gaming business, I made $900MM more than Trump.


That’s got to be a (poor-taste, what with the damage he did) T-shirt.

“I went to Atlantic City and made more from the Casino than Donald Trump!”


The perks of being a thousandaire…


So sad that the fundraising for this was limited to USians


Okay, this has been bugging me for too long.

“Cards Against Humanity Against Trump” can be parsed either of two ways:

(Cards Against Humanity) Against Trump, in which case, the Cards are against both Humanity and Trump, and I don’t think that Trump and Humanity will every have the same enemies, or

Cards Against (Humanity Against Trump), in which case the Humanity is in its rightful place against Trump, but now the Cards are against Trump, which I don’t believe is the intended meaning.

Maybe a better thing would be “Cards Against Trump Against Humanity?”


Humanity is against Trump, but the Cards are against that. It is implied that the cards are for Trump, but this isn’t always necessarily the case.

Hmm. Either the Cards, which are also against Trump, are against Humanity, or the Cards are against Trump Against Humanity. The latter case implies that the Cards are for Humanity, but one shouldn’t assume that.

Much better.


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