Garbage Cat accurately simulates the one great pleasure of being a cat

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Being the cat who attempts to wake his master by knocking around pots and pans is a superb game idea. It is especially fun that the game designer added “purr” and “meow” actions. Meow.


Man those special effects!

There’s another game that’s similar: Catlateral Damage
You’re job isn’t to wake up your human, but to knock everything onto the floor. Has jazzy backing music and everything. It’s written in the Unity engine and is pretty soothing.



it’s broke!

All the cats I’ve had must’ve been non-garbage cats. They lived their own lives, didn’t give even a single fuck about me and my family and only used our house as a place to stay a little warmer than it is outside and for good water and possibly food if there weren’t birds or mice around.

All my cats were fully vaccinated, got worm pills four times a year, but didn’t “live” in the house. They just came in to sleep during the day, and were let out at sundown to do whatever made them happy. They all lived to at least 14, and one lived to 20 and one day never came back.

Probably not an ecologically sound way to keep cats, since they’re known to kill far beyond their nutritional needs, to the point of being pretty much psychopathic murderers. But they were very happy cats.

I probably won’t ever keep a cat again because I’ve never known a cat to be happy couped up in a house, (yes I know there are such cats, but I’ve never seen one) and I like the slavish devotion of dogs much better than the aloofness and messiness of cats.

Cats are great, just not for me. They poop inside the house, occasionally scratch, and (as far as I can tell) aren’t even domesticated.

Well, so do you… maybe. :wink:

Actually, I had that thought the first time I realized my cat prefers to drink from the faucet, Well, I drink from there all the time. I dunno, between myself and the housemates, we have three cats in the house, and while they spend a great majority of their time not having any fucks to give, they do like to hang out in laps and be affectionate often. It has to do with socialization. If you play with them, they tend to see you as part of the “cat colony,” otherwise, they tend to ignore you. I have one cat that will not sit in a room alone, and simply has to be around people. There’s also a dog, and like all old sleepy dogs, is an absolute sweetheart.

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Yeah, that confirms my suspicions. We got all our cats from the shelter. They didn’t tolerate petting, and whenever you tried to play with them they’d freak out and run away.

Like if you used a laser pointer or a dangly string, they’d go after it for a second or two then get this look like “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING? Are you CONTROLLING ME?” they they’d run away.

slavish devotion of dogs

And that’s exactly why cats are more interesting. Dogs are basically slaves or fascist underlings. They just gravitate to a master, which in nature is their pack leader, and as pets is you. It says nothing about you that your dog hangs around you – it’s just their robotic genetic programming making a mistake. But cats are by nature solitary animals – if you actually make the point of paying attention to them, they will decide to hang around you for more than food because they actually want to.

Cats are great, just not for me. They poop inside the house

As you do, I hope. By pooping outside, as dogs (and to be fair feral and semi-feral cats do as well), they transfer the problem of their waste to people who aren’t their owners. And yeah, I know dog owners always like to say that they always clean up after their pet, but the mounds of dog shit on sidewalks that I have to dodge says otherwise.

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My border collie wants to teach you a few tricks


My dog missed the memo about this slavish devotion thing. He acknowledges that I’m in charge when he remembers, but has his little ways of indicating where and when he wishes to be taken for a walk. He is also absolutely clear that if he wishes to play with his friends, canine or small human, this takes priority over doing what he is told.
The dog trainer says he’s fine and “it’s the breed”.

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