Five reasons why Trump's followers love his lies

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The one that gets me is when they pretend to believe Trump never cheated on Melania (or any of his other wives).

Why even bother? It doesn’t make Trump look better, it just makes you look like an idiot.


I have several conservative friends who don’t believe, nor pretend to believe, Trump’s bullshit. What they say is, it’s better to have Trump than Hillary. That’s it. The end.

I disagree, of course, but they don’t care.


That is sad, disgusting and true. And if we continue to try to appeal to these, looking for "moderates we will lose. They are not reachable. It’s like dealing with an addict. If they have not yet hit bottom, you are largely wasting your time.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders, roleplaying as Press Secretary, was seen attempting yet another Deception roll despite her character sporting an abysmal 5 total Charisma score, according to insiders from within the Trump administration. The low roll of 3 (natural 6 minus 3 when factoring in Charisma) was contested by the entire nation’s passive Insight, which at the time of reporting currently sits at 9.

Though Sanders is specced into primarily Intelligence to bolster her spellcasting ability to allow her to conjure up fantastical images and fake realities, other players at the table have commented that she goes out of her way to use her worst stat to lie to almost every NPC that they meet in the game.

“I’d say it was funny once or twice, but nobody at the table is laughing anymore and she really isn’t getting it,” recently killed-off Human Barbarian Jeff Sessions said to reporters. “I mean, even with my low Wisdom, I still managed to make some decent rolls in the campaign, like hitting the saving throw and successfully recusing myself from the Russia investigation.”

Sanders’ roll was made after the party’s plan to destroy a troublesome NPC named Jim Acosta went belly-up, leaving them floundering for a backup in true D&D fashion. According to Sanders, Acosta is a rude and bloodthirsty Level 14 Monk who found President Trump (Goblin Bard) and beat up his squire.

“Honestly, President Trump rolled Persuasion against Acosta earlier in the session to an unfortunate critical failure,” explained Dungeon Master Vladimir Putin, laughing. “But I don’t really care, I’m the kind of DM who loves to fuck with all his players. I’ll be happiest if the Trump Campaign all goes horribly wrong.”

Trump’s squire refused to comment, but eyewitnesses of the alleged scuffle say her Dexterity was low and that she simply failed half-a-dozen Sleight of Hand checks on Acosta.


It appears you live in the reality zone, neighbor.

comic strip by Tatsuya Ishida shows cartoon character dressed as superhero flying into area marked REALITY ZONE and crashing to earth


As noted by the incomparable Driftglass:

Junkie logic.

The last lie a junkie tells himself isn’t “I’m not an addict.”

The last lie a junkie tells himself is “My being a addict doesn’t matter.”


I guess that would fall under point 2: trolling. They either hate Hillary Clinton beyond all reason or they don’t really believe he’s better than Hillary but it drives liberals crazy to say so.


And when lying assholes are your family the solution “end the friendship” does work but completely isolated you from family.

I know this all too well. I’d be welcome at Thanksgiving or Christmas woth then if I either A) compromise my ideal and come to their side of things OR B) compromise my sense of reason and logic and let them say whatever they want and say nothing in return.

You can block people on a social media platform. You can’t block people in real life. If you try to silence them they scream you’re trouncing their rights. If you try to ignore it you are just going to swallow that insanity and stress yourself out. If you ask to talk about something else. They just bring it back to their political views.

In the end. You’re just the asshole sitting alone on the holidays sipping bourbon.


The problem is: where does this leave us?

If we can’t have any kind of discussion because it’s all just “lie vs truth” then not addressing the lies is tacit approval of the lies. Do we then spit back equally horrendous lies designed to troll the trolls (remember “Glen Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990”?) I don’t know, perhaps with friends and relatives giving them something obviously false to fume about could serve a point (“if you’re gonna make up bullshit, why shouldn’t I? See how that works?”)

Realistically, when some conservative I know spits out falsehoods he/she read from a meme I just say “yeah, I saw that one too, it’s false, you can look it up on one of the fact-check websites, but I know you won’t because it makes you feel good to believe a falsehood, just like you believe you’re smart and good looking when everyone is basically laughing behind your back at you for being dumb and ugly.”


Dennis Miller was on Kimmel the other night saying he rather enjoyed trump’s batshit crazy press conference where Acosta was accosted. He seemed to think trump was being funny. He turned to the audience briefly as if to check and see if anybody else was smiling with him. He couldn’t see me at home watching but, I was NOT smiling. Miller and his “tribal think” can go fuck off.


Bourbon > Holidays

Why sip?


Pretending to believe that kind of stuff is a great way to signal your allegiance to your particular tribe, because it’s something only a fellow member would do.


That’s where he spends most of his time anymore, in Fuck Off, amiright?


You have no idea.


I liked what she said this Marcotte.
I’m going to look into reading her book.


No point in arguing the past. But you can easily persuade them not to support Trump here and now. No, don’t try and get them to agree with anything on the Democrat side. Better to sympathize and say how unfortunate it is that Trump is going to give evangelicals/conservatives/Republicans a bad reputation that’s going to take a generation to recover from.

You don’t have to pretend to be aligned with any of those groups. And definitely don’t gloat. Just have an honest conversation about how this is going to work against them in the long run.

If you can change conversations to “real conservatives shouldn’t support Trump”, you’ve helped lay the groundwork for 1) less support for him in 2020 and 2) a possibility of a primary challenger in 2020. Best of all, you avoided an angry argument.


It’s quite clear that the solution involves shutting out virulent white supremacists.

There are things we can do without resorting to violence. Things we should be doing: protesting white supremacy, standing up for our brothers and sisters of colour, fighting for trans justice, organizing support networks…

Or, you know, there’s always the option of


it’s really this simple, the alt-right and now even center-right is powered by spite

trump is the ultimate form of this, he is the ultimate candidate for spite

it’s not that he occasionally lies, EVERYTHING he says is a lie or exaggeration

it’s psychopathic - he realized decades ago that while other people are tethered to some form of truth, he could have a huge advantage by just making up whatever he wants and insisting on it

he used to tell people all the time his buildings had way more floors than they actually did - think about that, I mean it’s so basic and verifiable but not even remotely tethered to any kind of truth


Oh, I’ve been quoting George Will and Max Boot to them. Many of them will not support Trump against a centrist Democrat, but they fear the “Socialist” takeover of the more progressive Democrats. Oddly enough, they like Bernie. Honestly, trying to talk to them is at times like trying to talk to a Martian. There’s reasoning going on there, I just can’t decipher it.