Flash back to Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles’ first scene together on ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’


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I rather regret not taking the opportunity to tune in more frequently now that it’s back on the CW, though it really isn’t quite the same without Drew.


Meh, Drew was no Clive.


Whoaaaa . . . Colin Mochrie had hair?


I’m confused. When do they start snorting cocaine?


I just love Colin’s sudden look of divine comedic inspiration before blurting out ANIMAL PORN!


…followed by the sudden embarrassment. And then, despite the embarrassment, he goes on to say “Mary had a little lamb”!


Back in the early 90s Colin and Ryan used to perform several times a week at the comedy club I owned in Santa Monica, CA. Super guys to drink with, I miss that period of my life a lot.


Oh, man, those early episodes. Mike McShane was brilliant.


They’re actually doing a touring version of Whose Line called Whose Live? They’re coming to Austin in May i believe, was pondering getting tickets but it’s so far out timewise so i’m waiting for the time being.

Anyway i loooove Whose Line and these guys are definite comedy geniuses. Greg and Wayne, and even Drew Carrey bring a lot to the show but not like Colin and Ryan.


My all time favourite Whose Line moment:



I loved that Clive generally seemed content to stay behind the desk and leave it to the performers but occasionally sparred with Greg Proops.


“In America, your name would be Cliv.”
“Your name’s Wally over here.”

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