Flash drive with USB and Lightning connector

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Do they make artisanal brass ones with organic steam fittings on both ends for us hipters? Are they compatible with my recumbent unicycle?


What a pain in the ass. I don’t blame you, iTunes is the reason my first i-device was my last.

What about cloud? Can the phone only stream from the cloud and not actually download from? Or is this using iTunes again?


It’s also good for massaging your mac’s prostate.


Someone please reboot the Frauenfelderbot


I’m trying to figure out how that would work. Down a cliff?


Wait, wasn’t lightning like six generations ago? (That’s two in Apple Years.) Does anybody have an antique phone we can test this on?

If you want to stream your own music library you need to use iTunes to seed your library into iTunes Match. Beyond that you can listen to everything on your phone through streaming without using iTunes at all.

In fact, when you enable iTunes Match on your phone, iTunes synchronization is turned off (which actually can really suck as well since downloading vs streaming music on the phone is very fussy).

You’d think after all these years it wouldn’t continue to be such a shit show, but here we are. Embrace the suck.

You’re thinking of a Segway.

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. . . with a broken gyroscope!

Like this?:

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