Flesh-eating sea bugs devour swimmer's legs


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OH sand fleas! I saw a video from I believe Africa where someone was digging these out from the skin of feet. Holy fucking shit!


Came here hoping it was a video posted by Rob, leaving without clicking. Thanks for taking one for the team!


“Flesh-eating sea bugs devour swimmer’s legs… the amphipods will not cause lasting damage.” Kinda playing it fast and loose with the word “devour.”


Ewwww. Just ewwww.





I saw it years ago. It made me reply something like “The next time you are bitching because your coffee order is slow or you chipped a nail or some other trivial thing, be glad you don’t live where you have to have parasites dug out of your skin.”

ETA - I guess technically the video I saw is called Jiggers. While they are called sand fleas too, they burrow under the skin and are different than the creatures in this story.


ok…so who is going to comfort me tonight when I wake screaming from my Sand Flea Nightmares?


Nature has many fun surprises for the Humans. Fire up the crazy laughing.


Australia. The Land of Nope.


There is a link to the image of his legs here. Yeah… uh… I think that is pretty accurate given how much blood there is for such small creatures.


I think rather it calls into the question the assertion of “not cause lasting damage.” I mean, sure, the skin will eventually grow back, but…


You mean turn into the “get them off me!” guy from Hellraiser II?

Note - bloody horror scene below

Fun fact - this above guy was sampled from another scene in this old school techno song. I love old school sampling like this.


Sam Kanizay, 16, of Australia stood in the ocean

Well there’s your problem right there.





I was reading not so long ago that the voraciousness of piranhas is highly exaggerated (and the tales of the candiru are also viewed with suspicion). How nice that there is still a form of aquatic horror we can believe in.


"You call that a nope?



Australia: Come for our sun, sea and hospitality. Stay because your’re dead thanks to one of our 147,693,288 varieties of ridiculously lethal creatures.


I KNEW I was right to fear those sand flea things. #waterphobiavalidation