Flight attendant forced to wipe passenger's rear

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A passenger with special needs should travel with a companion who can deal with those needs.


Wiping your own but makes you gay!

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Installing something like this in planes would be helpful for some people with disabilities. Wider restrooms would also be very helpful and would allow either them to help themselves or a companion to assist them.


This guy sounds horrid. That said, can we please stop treating the necessary room as an option? I’m not talking about just airlines either (though they are the worst offenders). @Barradeno has the right idea. Improve the facilities. Meanwhile, I’d blacklist this guy too.


whoa. clearly there’s a lot going on here.


You have to wonder how “handicapped” the passenger would be when the biggest, blackest, gayest male flight attendant was assigned to assist instead of the female attendants.

Slapping the hand of a flight attendant should probably result in criminal charges.


This was a flight between the US and Taiwan. If EVA wants to operate in the US, they need to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Denying access to a passenger with disabilities is not acceptable. Disclosing previous disability-related incidents is also not OK. Are they offering to provide free tickets to care takers of disabled people flying on their planes? Why are they not thinking about what accommodations they need to implement to avoid this kind of incidents in the future and make air travel with them more accessible and inclusive?

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Let’s not confuse the issue here. Denying access to passengers with a history of sexual harassment is definitely OK.

I agree that facilities need improvement but this story is about sexual harassment.


It’s not 100% clear from the article, but it seems to me that the female flight attendant accusing the passenger is not the one that wiped him. I read it as the cabin service director, seemingly a male, being the one that took that on. If the passenger committed a crime, it should be reported to the proper authorities for investigation, not to the press for public shaming. Please also note how the article doesn’t even say that the news organization tried to contact the passenger, they are providing one-sided hearsay of the incident.

“Despite their reluctance, three female members of the flight crew, EVA has no male flight attendants, tried to cover the passenger’s genitals with a blanket while taking off his underwear.”

From the article.

Also the EVA statement:

“Later Monday, EVA issued a press statement saying flight staff are perfectly entitled to refuse passenger’s requests they consider inappropriate. They also pointed out that male cabin staff also helped the passenger in question during the flight.”

Unclear to me whats going on here.


Did I need to read about this on bb? :face_vomiting:


It’s not the BB post we need. But it’s the BB post we deserve.


Stop quoting your dad’s law commercials!


I can only comment on what has been reported. And, if what has been reported is to be believed, this isn’t a story about a disabled person. This is a story about a sexual harasser. Obviously if that’s not the case, I don’t support blacklisting him. However, if it is… then I do.


I am guessing he would have been relieved.

What, do you think his obesity and wheel chair was a prop? Do you really not see how, in an airplane lavatory, someone who can’t get up would have a problem wiping themselves? Depending on how obese he was, he may not have been able to transfer himself from his chair to the toilet without help, even with enough space and hand bars; and that is OK. In an airplane lavatory? Have you ever seen an airplane bathroom? They are cramped enough that larger traditionally abled people have problems with them!

Also, you say “biggest, blackest, gayest” like that’s a bad thing…


"I felt that as a flight attendant, removing a passenger’s underwear was beyond the scope of my responsibilities,"

She or He has a good point there.


According to the law (the ACAA, not the ADA as I said before), they are actually right. They could have refused to assist him in the lavatory. From
http://www.accessiblejourneys.com/airlines/acaa_details_2.htm :

Carrier personnel are not required to provide assistance inside the lavatory or at the passenger’s seat with elimination functions. The carrier personnel are also not required to perform medical services for an individual with a disability.

According to the law, if the passenger needs this kind of help, they need to fly accompanied by their own attendant.


Service monkeys.