Flight carrying over 80 plumbers forced to turn back because of toilet problems


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/02/01/flight-carrying-over-80-plumbe.html


Not because of all the cracks?


Looks like Oslo to Munich is about a two-hour flight. At what point do they decide to just keep going instead of turning back?




Send out an R2 astro-plumber-mech.


The answer: 85 plumbers.


A cardiologist friend of mine flew out to LA for a cardiology convention. On the flight, she remarked to the cardiologist sitting next to her that this would be the best possible flight for a heart attack - she probably said “myocardial infarction” - with so many cardiologists on board. Her row mate replied that she was right, there was already one cardiac incident a few rows forward, but the patient was sitting between two cardiologists who were managing it.


R2 units don’t come with the right appendages for the job.



She might be surprised:




More than 80 plumbers on the plane, and nobody had a motherfucking snake?


You really want people to bring snakes on a plane? :sunglasses:


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