Flip flops with contradictory Trump tweets on them


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Do the profits go to any worthwhile causes, or is this just someone else capitalizing on 45’s never-ending hypocrisy?


While I can’t recall seeing the like of them before, I can hardly believe this is a new product. Is there no similar footwear that has been inspired by other politicians?


10% of all sales will be donated to the ACLU.


Heey- didn’t they make these for Kerry?


They’re flip-flops! You see, there are different things the president tweeted on them that show his opinions flip-flopping!


$27.99 is kinda expensive for flip flops.


I don’t think there would be anything wrong with simply cashing in per se, as it’s kind of good that somebody, somewhere who isn’t a total turd in the human gene pool is getting something useful from that orange shit gibbon’s reign.


The epitome of slacktivism?


I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t wear flip-flops much, and when I do, it’s because I’m trying to relax, not have a constant reminder of the basic-ass level of bullshitter you can be and still get to the whitehouse and wreck the lives of 300M people.

Plus, just a graphic art piece with a bunch of these lined up would have probably been a better medium, and made the same joke


How about coins with contradictory Trump tweets printed / stamped on them, one on each side? Then when Trump flip-flops, you can literally flip a coin to see what position he’s going to hold (for now.) Call them “Trump-Face coins”.

Hmm … give me a minute, got to go check what it takes to launch a project on Kickstarter.


serious question: is there a site where you can search all of Trump’s contradicting tweets based on subject?

If not, there should be…


These are the thoughts that have been running through my brain, but I couldn’t express them as well as you have.


Wear them to the breakfast table.

then play a few games of

just be sure you take them off before party time

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