Literally give zero fucks with these coins

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OK, that’s funny, but seriously. . . they want me to pay $5.99 for exactly zero fucks??


Apparently, but I don’t really care.


I used to think this stuff was funny. But I was not too long ago admonished for thinking that way.


How apropos for the tRump times.

My grandfather had a good friend who once gave me a poker-chip-like disc that said “One Round Tuit.”

He told me he always carried one on him in case somebody said they’d do something for him when they “get around to it.”

I think I still have it somewhere…



That is money worth burning.


Carrying around props seems like the polar opposite of not giving a fuck.


Something that looks valuable at first glance but is completely and utterly worthless.

That goes for the bill too, I suppose…


What a concept: money that is dirty before it even leaves the printing plant


Back in 2017:
Since Dad is in the Marine Corps League, every so often they’ll send him “challenge coins” as part of their charity campaigns.
One night I dreamt that churches had put out billions of cheaper-than-pennies “Hopes, Thoughts & Prayers” tokens and so many of them were being used as vending machine slugs and for other scams that they polluted the hard money supply.

Imagine somebody owes you $10. They hand you a machine-packed shotgun roll of Quarters. “Okay, that’s fine,” you tell them. But when you need to spend some and break the roll open, only the two end coins are real Quarters and the rest are Jesus Freaks.

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They should use cheap ass plastic coins to reduce costs as I need a fuckton of them. I can burn through a few dozen each workday easily.


I know! For six bucks, I give several fucks at least. (I’m unclear on the shit-to-fuck exchange rate.)

When you really, really care - about being perceived as not giving a fuck. By doing something that indicates you clearly have something invested.

Seems like the kind of product that works better if you just send someone the picture of it, rather than the actual thing.


Don’t take any wooden nickels!

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As amusing as these are, I’m not sure I’d buy them, even for the coin collection rack.
I do carry a couple (non military) challenge coins around, though- a Maxim 70 coin, and a Not My Circus, Not My Moneys coin; The first is a reminder that Doing and Failing is how we learn, as long as we actually learn from our failure. The second is one that gets handed over if someone does me a solid with no expectation of payment or reward.

I’ve never been in the military, but I understand the reasoning and rationale behind the coins.

Is there a picture of Mar-a-Lago on the back, or the Kremlin?

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If a person is willing to pay real cash money for something like this, they cannot claim to have given zero fucks.

Its pretty impressive sometimes, the lengths some people will go to, to convince you just how little they care.

I saw those a bunch when I was in the Boy Scouts.

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