Donald Trump redesigned the Presidential Challenge Coin, replacing "E pluribus unum" with "Make America Great Again"


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I saw this story this morning and just cringed at what the country has become. This trashy and tasteless challenge coin is the kind of commemorative artifact Michael Scott or David Brent of “The Office” would create if they were malicious in addition to being clueless.

As a unicorn chaser to this poshlost’, here’s the “99% Invisible” Podcast Challenge Coin. Maybe BoingBoing should do its own coin, too.


The resistance’s response to that fascist redesign of that coin


Is this really trolling, or just Turnip expressing his inherent oblivious tackiness? This feels like it’s coming from the same place as selling steaks at Sharper Image.


So, not so much a challenge coin as a mentally challenged coin. :thinking:


Next prez better has bigger bling! And a greater vision. Or perspective. Maybe even eyesight, come to think of it.

This one, though… I dunno…


It really is a crass, tacky, ugly lump. Fake gold, of course. And it has Trump’s name on it four fucking times, because if there’s anything Trump loves more than gaudy glitzy gold, it’s slapping his name on things. :roll_eyes: He’s like a caricature of himself by now.



Everything he does just re-confirms we’ve entered the idiocracy.


These things will be hot collectors items, highly prized by A) Trump’s dwindling base of true believers who actually think it is mighty purty and symbolic like, and B) people who buy it ironically, maybe use them in edgy art projects, like welding thousands of them into a figure of Trump sitting on a toilet.


  1. These will end up being only in Trump’s possession, as he doesn’t feel anyone is good enough to give one.

  2. I feel stupid for calling Obama a narcissist. I mean maybe he does have some qualities, but it is so little in comparison it’s ridiculous.

  3. I could live with the mottle change, but the giant scroll with the name under neither? WTF?


With that edge, it looks more like a beer bottle cap that hasn’t been used yet.


If I ever read a news story that describes Trump doing something tasteful, sensitive, or nuanced, I may die of shock.

He seems to have an unerring instinct for the tackiest, cruelest or most offensive option in every possible situation. His sense for identifying the worst thing to do in any context is so reliable, it’s like a goddamn superpower.


I feel that people can get away with narcissistic tendencies when they possess and repeatedly demonstrate excellent capabilities and qualities.


.Now you know he’s just trolling. Nobody’s taste is that bad.


A year in and he doesn’t appear to realize that he’s not running for president anymore.


Every president “redesigns” the presidential challenge coin. In the case of personal/officer challenge coins. Where in a person of particular rank hands out a coin to subordinates as introduction or to commemorate an event or meeting. Those coins are a design selected by the person in question, bearing their name and rank.

This is why the president has a challenge coin. As the commander in chief of the military he’s technically the highest ranking individual in the military chain of command. So he, like the officers below him has a challenge coin. (also Bill Clinton thought they were cool and started collecting them).

Changing the presidents challenge coin isn’t much of a thing. It’s supposed to be changed. If anything it’s surprising that Clinton, Bush II the revenge, And Obama kept their designs so close.

Sticking his personal bat shit slogan on there, And replacing the national motto with it. Is certainly narcissistic. But there’s no “changing” of a traditional thing here. Each president’s coin is meant to be a new, different design.


Have you seen pictures of his Trump Tower residence?