Literally give zero fucks with these coins

I’ll buy some when I get a round to it.

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For what’s likely a one time use joke? :thinking: yeah, sure… i’ve spent more money on dumber things.

On a serious note i do collect challenge coins and artist made coins. These would be an amusing addition to what i have :slight_smile: they’re pretty well designed.

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Coming up short on the number of fucks I couldn’t give, here.
Actually, I rather like these, but no way would I pay six bucks per coin.

Nah, has to be metal and thick, so when I fling them at deserving people…

I imagine them stamped out of aluminum, like a one yen piece.

If you need to throw things at people, stick with rocks. Or poo. That’s a time honored tradition.

If I gave a shit, I’d give it to you

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I think they run specials on the Rat’s Ass coins & are only half Ass then


Maybe we can make them out of whatever Captain America’s shield is made from, so I can truly give no fucks as the coin pings all over the place and returns to me after careening off some idiot’s head.

Unfortunately the only things you can purchase with these coins ain’t worth a damn.

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