Floating UP! house posts photos to Instagram via Raspberry Pi


It seems to me that there are three parts to this project- 1) flying an UP house, 2) taking pics from the house, and 3) loading the pics automatically to Instagram. On 1), OK, that looks pretty cool. And 3) is a neat hack, I guess. But 2)? Fail. They might as well have dangled a smartphone from a weather balloon. If you’re going to go to all the trouble to put the camera in a flying house, then shoot from inside the house! What’s the view out the living room window, or out the front door? Give the pics some context!

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I agree about context.
Pics taken from the house are definitely not the best pics you can find on Instagram, even if they were taken directly from the sky!
We’re going to take care to win on all the parts in our next project :wink:

Thanks for the feedback.

Valentin @Hackerloop

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