Man launches iPhone XS into the sky because reasons

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I skipped to the end of the video, but this pisses me off:

“The balloons are up in the sky, we just let 'em all go”.

It’s one thing to send litter up into the sky with predictable results. It’s another to send the litter away again after retrieving it. Also, given the rules around flying UAVs, well, these sort of experiements should be subject to the same rules. Stupidity.


Yup, came here to complain about that too, dude is a useless jackass for doing that. Also if he wanted to get high altitude video this would be a good place to start. Of course doing it with an iphone is better for YT views…


If it is, the authorities know where he lives. If it has been brought to their attention.

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Shame the phone’s camera was not angled to point a bit more downward, really. Half the frame was just sky and it would have been nicer to see a bit more of what was below.

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Man launches iPhone XS into the sky because reasons

350K views in 4 days…his other video of him dropping two brand new phones down a staircase have +32 million views…so reason would be for clicks and the money.

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This is actually kind of an interesting experiment.

He said it only recorded the first 15 minutes because it overheated? I guess it was in a styrofoam cooler…

Recovery seemed pretty easy with the built in phone tracking too, and tons of balloons were still left on it in recovery, so it kinda just … gracefully floated back down?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s an iPhone!!!


Used an external tracker? Guess he has no faith in the iPhone.

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I’m curious how long it took for the FAA to respond to his request to deploy an observational lighter-than-air unmanned free balloon craft into Class E, Class A, and potentially other airspace classes?


Click here for the gory regulatory details of launching unmanned balloons.


Doesn’t really compare to this old favourite. A Toy Train in Space

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