Floppy Tube quickly pops skin off garlic

Too true! Especially with metal bowls.

Saw the headline, and thought it was going to be another variation on Flappy Bird. Kinda disappointed.

That’s how I do it when I need whole peeled cloves, and I’ve used my cocktail shaker for smaller amounts. Otherwise I just smash the damned things with my palm or the side of a knife. Peel comes right off and it takes seconds. If your cutting it anyway who cares if its pretty or whole?


man, i was just about to post that exact same video :slight_smile: the floppy tubes are great for a few cloves, but the metal bowl trick is awesome when it is one or more heads of garlic.

I never thought to use a cocktail shaker. Great idea!

Why even bother with the knives? Just squeeze the clove between your fingers. Then your hands are already right next to the skin you’re trying to remove. I have yet to see a gadget that bests my bare hands for peeling 1 to about six cloves. More than that and I’ll use the bowl/shaker method.

You can get garlic smell off your hands with salt. That is, if you don’t like garlic smell - you crazy person.


It works fairly well, though it wont work for just one or two cloves and occasionally a peel makes it out intact. I’m not sure what sort of shaker would work best. I use what’s essentially a Boston shaker, except I use a smaller metal mixing cup over a pint sized glass. Its a lot less unwieldy than a full Boston, with much less chance of breakage or a locked shaker. But I think the cobbler style shaker might work better for garlic, less space inside so the garlic would ding around a lot more. I hate those for actually making cocktails though, Messy and slow, so I don’t keep one around to check.

Nothing saves time better than just learning how to do something quickly with simple tools. You develop very transferable motor skills. And when you’re over at a friend’s house or on a camping trip or something, you aren’t limited by your lack of gadget access. (It’s bad enough when there isn’t a well-stocked pantry around.)

I’ll admit something like a food processor is useful when solo cooking for a dozen people. But when I have that many people over, at least a couple of them are there to help.

Or rub your hands on stainless steel — a spoon, a faucet, whatever.


Yep, the biggest time suck in my kitchen is rummaging through over crowded drawers, trying to find a potato peeler.

I’ll wait for Flappy Tube.

I just can’t get enough of them. I have 20 or so. (not) Buy one every time I feel a little depressed. (not)

Palms used as adequate substitute for floppy tube


I dunno, it seems like another gadget in the long series of gadgets for “Food that is Hard to Eat”, like the banana slicer and strawberry corer. Just use two bowls! Or your hands. I can see the Amazon reviews now: “Sure, it works when the hard bit at the bottom of the clove is at the bottom, but what if it’s on the top? Do you have an inverted garlic peeler? Huh?”

if you’re like me and prefer to smash your garlic through a press (break all those cell walls and gets all the garlic juice reacting doncha know) then you need a solid garlic press anyhow. once you’ve got one that’s worth a damn, I’ve found that you can forgo peeling the cloves and the pressed garlic just squirts out like normal, leaving the skin(s) smashed against the bottom, which pops out fairly easily with a fingernail. Mom taught me the knife-flat smash thing, which is also great for when you’re mincing. My chef friend says you’re supposed to smash garlic in some fashion anyhow, due to the aforementioned food chemistry.

but if I ever need to peel in quantity, I look forward to using the bowl/jar trick! I just knew if I read this thread that Happy Mutants would have good advice, which is important when it comes to life’s finer things, ya heard?

So does the flat of a chef’s knife. Whap! and you’re done.

BTW, Paul’s Law of Garlic: If it says two, it meant three.

Corollary: Always round up.


I am getting a kick out of the capitalisation of Floppy Tube in the title.

It is my favourite thing this week.

Hee hee. Floppy tube.

I saw Stephen Fry use a small cutting of regular garden hose for the same purpose on a gadget program. I expect you could half inch a couple of inches of hose and feast on the garlic with all the extra seconds to enjoy it without getting your wallet out.

Personally I don’t mind using a knife for that task but I’m keen to try the bowl method.

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