Florida approves right-wing jingoistic propaganda channel for use in schools

Absolutely. And a straight line through Neil Bush’s Ignite and Rupert Murdoch’s Amplify. It’s shitheads all the way down.


Is there anything a normal ass person not in Florida can do about this? I trust that not even a majority of Florida wants this and it’s a mix of voter suppression, poor education, and some people who started out well meaning getting played along with the handful of usual deplorables but clearly that’s not enough to stop it.

And from what I understand, that answer isn’t “Help get people out of the state” because that doubles down on the base of crazy with nobody pushing back.

I ask because not only is this shit heartbreaking but it normalizes it for other states, especially like here in Virginia, where DeSantis makes Youngkin look relatively respectable despite him being a horrible horrible person enabling horrible policies. They’re just less shitty and national news friendly than Florida’s bullshit.


That’s now why people are getting vulnerable people out of the state. They are doing so, because their well-being is threatened. Expecting people to stay and fight when their lives are on the line isn’t helpful. But there are people fighting back against it… you just don’t hear about it, because it’s not as exciting news copy as the rise of fascism in FL.

You could also help by donating to groups working to undo this damage.


Is there a list that someone can post somewhere? I’d love to help, too.


I’d suggest the usual suspects (NAACP, BLM, ACLU, HRW, Planned Parenthood, even the Democratic party in FL, or specific democratic candidates in red or especially in purple districts)… You can also donate groups that help fund abortions, and travel for abortions, such as the National Network of abortion funds or trans rights organizations (the linked list has over 100 organizations and lists them by state).

You can also find ways to organize in your state (by getting involved with local politics or with grassroots organizations).


Wow. The dog whistling in that ad… geez.

“OMG look at all these weird people- they LOOK DIFFERENT THAN YOU”


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Indeed, I guess the taking it on the lam can be the best survival strategy. :sob:


“The groomer is calling from inside the house”


moral panic about stranger danger has always been to hide what was happening at home.


First off thank you for your earnest answer and I want to apologize for my absolutely losing it in this comments section without context. I see a lot of doom news with little basis in what I can do about it and little follow up on when courts strike down the most egregious portions of these laws. I also have been seeing a lot more – to be fair unsubstantiated – social media about how this is a concerted effort between pushing people out and voter suppression to get enough states together to normalize this between the Senate and eventually a Constitutional Convention. I get that’s rather extreme but at this point it’s easy to not know what to believe anymore.

So after some rest and offline time, I agree with you. It’s easy for me to armchair tell people who are exhausted from already being marginalized to fight and I also don’t have any idea what I can do. I see some activism here and there on Mastodon (used to be Twitter but we know how that went) but it’s hard to tell who’s effective and who’s not.

Do you have any resources or can you point me in a direction of where to look for groups actively working to undo all this? I am happy to support people leaving if they need to but really I’d like to know we just cut this off at the root.

EDIT: Just saw the response above with options to support. THANK YOU!


I certainly understand being angry and frustrated at what’s happening. Many of us are… but if you can turn that into action, all the better for the world. Remember, they WANT us to be demoralized, so let’s not let them have their way…

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