Florida cops get to decide whether to ticket or arrest people caught with weed


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What could go wrong?


Hmmmm. I wonder what they look like…


Basically, the cops want to retain their right to arrest “black” people that they can’t pin a real crime on by charging them with drug possession instead




Black = Arrest
White = Ticket
Brownish = flip a coin?


The classic Paper Bag Test, unfortunately.


On paper, this sounds fantastic. A common sense approach where just getting caught with a little weed doesn’t have to be an arrest, but the illegality of the substance is still actionable in situations that warrant it.
In practice, I’m 99% sure this will manifest itself along the same racial lines that already create two (or more) justice systems in America. White kid smoking a joint? Hey, we all experimented when we were younger, no need to destroy his whole life over a little fun. Black kid smoking a joint? He’s well on the road to Thugville, population: scary black people. Better get this blooming drug kingpin off the streets!

I really wish I could feel anything other than automatically cynical about this story.


Of course: ‘Black = Arrest’ would actually be a step in the right direction.

More like:

Black = Shoot to kill
Brownish = Shoot to kill
White = Ah, fuck it, I’ve shot two people anyway.


Ah, you meant: White = buy’em a burger and fries!


If you’re white you can earn a pass by shooting the other two guys before the cop gets there.


Yes, there are concerns about discrimination and corruption that come from this knd of policy, but the fact is those things happen anyway. If anything, this actually allows it to be tracked. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it’s better than no discretion at all.


Maybe. If a cop, or anyone else, had shot and killed a presumed innocent black or brown person, would he now have the taste for it?

Would the motto he or she had sworn to uphold now become a memory, rather than a value?
Would the taste of blood, the thrill of the kill, further eradicate and override any semblance of belonging to a civilised world?

It was a factious comment, I was just wondering if someone would move onto white people to kill because once they have shot a few people all pretence has gone: the reality is they like killing people.


I’ve just finished reading a recent Mother Jones article, life sentence for 2 dime bags, so it’s pretty obvious how this is going to unfold.


try to conceal anything

How about asserting your right to remain silent and not self-incriminate? I wonder how that will get scored?




DEM PNATS. Not exactly granny-square, but the same kind of holes or texture.


It’s a throw (a small blanket kept by a chair or sofa to throw over yourself if you’re feeling cold). Chemo patients often feel cold in normal temperatures.


That makes more sense.


Now that I look more carefully, I can see the skein of yarn behind her to the left, and what looks to be a light blue plastic crochet needle near her left wrist. So she’s multitasking, there on the sofa!


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