Florida couple busted in Hawaii with fake vaccine cards

To be clear. I got my real id using an electric bill and a paper lease agreement above what was required before the real id act was passed. So from a security point of view it is as valuable as a few old french fries.


The technical specifications how it could be done are all to be found here:

I’m pretty sure a lot of it is even open source, so it could just be copied and adapted free of charge.

Of course the public policy part is more difficult and probably entirely different.



@llamahunter beat me to it. The California QR-code system seems like it achieves the right balance.

Pretty well. The vaccine pass won’t prevent someone from driving across state borders and going to a different state doesn’t magically exempt one from following the rules of private establishments or other institutions that require proof of vaccination.

If you land in Hawaii without a government-issued ID, you likely left it on the plane or cruise ship or perhaps at the boarding gate. I doubt that would happen often enough to warrant any real concern for most travellers.

In practise, they are. One way or another, you have to prove you are who you say you are in order to fly.

I’m sure it will. I’m especially looking forward to the spectacle of legal geniuses from Libertarian think tanks suddenly arguing against the right of private corporations (including airlines) to make rules (ones that don’t discriminate on the basis of immutable characteristics) that bar certain customers, all because they find it more convenient to pander to and ally with science-denying right-wing sado-populists.

No doubt you’ll have more Questions to Just Ask, so fire away!


Nope, I’m good for now. Thanks for taking all that time to answer.


No worries. Easy answers to simplistic questions like that take me less than 5 minutes! I’m sure going through all those edge-case and counter-factual hypotheticals in multiple comments (and “wondering” what happens in situations you yourself experienced) took up much more of your time.


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Tbf, we have several countries with real-life protofascist governments at the helm (with not a lot of the proto part left) and even they managed to be a part of this.


True, but somehow they still seem more rational and grounded in objective reality than the GQP.

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Or a view of the quarantine facility where everybody’s pet has to wait out the rabies incubation period.


What do you think an appropriate penalty for falsifying a vaccine card should be?

Not well for air travel on privately owned airlines.


So right now, at least California, New York and the EU all have QR code-based vaccine verification. However, none of them are compatible with each other! I understand this is a case if multiple bureaucracies not trusting each other but can’t we all get on one system?


Forgery laws already exist.


way to use your vacation to own the libs


For this type of crime, I think the effected state should also be able to ban the criminals from ever entering their state again.


Cut to scene showing the toddlers suckin’ on huge lit stogies.


Internet ate my reply the first time. There are cases where things just get fouled up. However most are like this Florida couple where they really throw out any respect for the health of others


I’ve flown internationally on an expired passport a couple of times. Once unknowingly and once knowingly taking the chance because I didn’t have time correct it. First time, the customs officer hassled me about it and told me to fix it, but let me through, and second time they didn’t notice or didn’t say anything. I wouldn’t recommend anyone try that, but in a pinch, it can work. The officers seems to have a lot of discretion on this kind of stuff.


Our law on this allows up to $5000 and a year in jail for each violation. This couple is getting off lightly.

Unfortunately, as the number of travelers into the state has skyrocketed, enforcement of the travel restrictions has become softer. There was a gauntlet in place at Honolulu airport a year ago, now it is a little like the “nothing to declare” customs line at most airports.