Florida DMV makes millions selling Floridians' data...for pennies (and you can't opt out)

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I sense this a part of a trend in Florida state government.

Can’t quite find a term that really describes whassup in FL, is it more this:

or this…

or closer to this…


… and with apologies to defenders of Florida and Floridians who will rightly point out great things about Florida, Texas (where I am) is one of Florida’s ardent students. So Texas is right there with you since 2010 so all those terms I just mentioned apply as much to Texas as Florida [dangit] and Jah Knows which other states:

Currently, the state does not allow an individual to opt out of their information being sold. Capriglione says he hopes to look at allowing people to do that.

To those of you living in the U.S. reading this, ask your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles next time you’re dealing with them, seriously, WTF is going on. Ask what you and yours can do to at minimum give your state feedback and opinions.

Perhaps this term is the most accurate and applicable:

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I assure you that Florida is far from being the only state getting on the data sales gravy train.


Yeah you’re not kidding!

Amassing and selling your data like this is perfectly legal. While some states, including California and Vermont, have recently moved to put more restrictions on data brokers, they remain largely unregulated. The Fair Credit Reporting Act dictates how information collected for credit, employment, and insurance reasons may be used, but some data brokers have been caught skirting the law.


An interesting counter-intuitive view of the possible downsides of corp’ns having too much personal data…


actually, this is what’s called a “hellscape”


We need an addition to the Constitution that expressly prohibits any state local or federal government agency from selling or passing on private citizen data.

We also need a right to be forgotten law.

Im sick of every asshole in the universe in America trying to hassle me and make a buck off of being able to hassle me.


Grew up in Texas, lived in Florida for the past 20 years. Kakistocracy + kleptocracy just about sums it up. :disappointed:


Big Data. In the pipe, 5 by 5.


I find it a bit ironic that this post is right next to one asking for help crowdfunding a campaign to make the social security death index (which you also can’t opt out of) publicly available.


Sonia took her sister to get a non-driver ID so she could apply for Medicaid, and shortly thereafter, was inundated with direct mail, robocalls, and salespeople ringing their doorbells

Is one really required to provide a phone number when applying for a non-driver ID?

passport /birth cert. is more than sufficient for medicaid. you are establishing eligibility which requires citizenship. state ID not required, even if state says you need it. state full of shit.

Facebook: “Hold my beer…”


One doctors’ office or employee locally sells data and I suspect the voter registration office here of doing the same. I’m contemplating a privacy contract forbidding the sale of my info.

Ancestry.com has the SS death index but it is not necessarily accurate. A family acquaintance down in the F state had a relative in the SS office and both were scamming life insurance companies via SS using a variety of names.

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