Florida gentleman arrested for selling "Legit Counterfeit $$" on Craigslist


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You use this monopoly money for various expendetures!

If he’s selling it as counterfeit, I’m not seeing intent to defraud. Who is he defrauding? He may be conspiring to defraud (with the purchaser) or an accessory to fraud, but that’s not the same thing.


If there is no basis for a legal transaction is any/all transaction with the counterfeit cash he conducts fraud?

But yeah, seems like making it, selling it or passing it would all be different things

According to the secret service website, just making counterfeit violates Title 18, Section 471 of the United States Code. According to their summary, at least, it does not matter what your intent was

Possession with fraudulent intent is Title 18, Section 472.


Funny, and thanks for the reminder of the voice-mail. LATER, BYE!

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RE: the angry phone message.

I like how the guy says “why don’t you just tell people how to overthrow the government… I’m sure if you had that kind of info you would post it, wouldn’t you?!”

I keep picturing a set of instructions like something out of Popular Mechanics, “Overthrow The Government In Your Spare Time for Fun and Profit!”


Fully 1/3 of the Loompanics catalog.


Too Legit to Quit. Gotta make that money to make that money.

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Maybe the drunk caller was upset because you were [unintentionally] breaking the law?

There was that guy a few years ago who hand made phony bills, with pen and paper, and tried to barter with them, the logic being that he wasn’t paying with a phony bill, he was trading a piece of art for goods and services. He had started out making exact replicas by hand (and did a good enough job that the Secret Service came after him), then switched to making obvious fakes that skirted the rules.


“Topple Governments using this one weird trick invented by a mom! Authoritarians HATE her!”


Which part of the law did I break?

Sorry, I should have been more clear. The caller may have thought you were breaking the law prohibiting the reproduction of currency. Since the original article is gone, I can’t say if there was any merit to the accusation. I was mostly pointing out that there is such a law that limits how currency can be copied or scanned,

Legit Counterfeit

What a oxymoron.

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