Florida Governor says the FBI told him how the Russians hacked Florida voting machines, but swore him to secrecy

Hey. You can come here to Texas. I’ve always been surprised that Florida can beat us at the being stupid game. Personally, I think it is really close. And we’re Texas, which I always thought gave us an edge.

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The hell of it is that the FBI is an utterly political organization, and election boards are utterly political, and governors are utterly political, and investigators are utterly political. And the Russians, too. I can’t keep track of all these motives.

My county here in NC used software from VR, a company identified as a target of Russian hackers in 2016. Specifically, the Mueller report says that company was a target of a spear-fishing attack that installed malware on their networks. We’re a Blue county in a Red state, and their systems malfunctioned for us on election day. So many coincidences, but the company says everything is just fine and our state elections board says it was probably just user error.


“I am not a Russian spy
Cross my heart and hope to die.”

It’s quite possible that they strolled in, took at look at the FUBAR, laughed and left, with just enough evidence that they’d been there.


Dude, I know!!! I grew up in Ft Worth, migrated around Central Tx for a decade exploring, eventually ended up here (elderly parents).

Texas: We’re meaner, dumber, crazier, more corrupt than anywhere, but we have great BBQ and kick ass music…yeehaw!

Florida: Hold my beer, WOOOOOOO!!!

(I really miss Texas and know how to navigate the crazies. I even have a picture of Governor Ann on my desk at work)

I’m sure! The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. They probably really didn’t have to do a damn thing.

Other than gather kompromat for later. Their audit of American voting systems probably has excellent evidence of American tampering with American voting systems.

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What makes me sick is all the traitors who say “the US interferes in elections so this is okay.”

No, it’s not okay. When the US does it. When Russia does it. Interference in elections isn’t okay. It’s not just a nice thing to have in the back pocket to get your way. It’s a complete subversion of the democratic process and makes the country weak.


I would hazard a guess it’d be the counties with frequent accusations of election fraud (Palm Beach, Broward). Weirdly also counties which deliver Republican wins in close races, just about every time.


Doesn’t that really just about explain it all?

Especially since what they usually mean is, “I’m fine with this interference because the election fraud was done for ‘my’ guy.”

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The trump suplorter’s creed: “own the libs even if it means destroying american democracy.”

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KGB OFFICER: How did your mission to sabotage the Americans’ election systems go?

KGB AGENT: Sir, I’m afraid we were too late. Someone else did it before we got there.




Though I think they’re actually totally more than fine with destroying democracy, so long as those ostensibly “on their side” are the ones doing it.

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It’s all about having power on their side so they can make their fellow citizens behave in ways that make them feel comfortable and safe and transported back to an idealized version of America in the 50s, before those black folks got super uppity, those nasty hippies started showing up everywhere, some girlie men started a riot, and angry women made a bonfire out of their brassieres.

MAGA folks genuinely can’t handle the fact that not everyone looks, speaks, dresses, and acts like them. Also, everyone should attend the “correct” kind of church service only. Folks really need to stay in their proper place in society and feel gratitude.


I’m now totally convinced that the Russians didn’t actually do anything, but found that someone had already done it, and this is why DeSantis is acting weird. If you remember the look on DeSantis’ face when Gillum said that he’s “not saying DeSantis is a racist, I’m just saying that the racists think he’s a racist” - DeSantis has that same look flicker across his face when asked about which counties were hacked. He knows.


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