Florida Man calls 911 to test his meth, was trying to do a good deed

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The tone of this post is mocking, but wasn’t this guy really doing a good deed? A similar Cokehead Samaritan could have saved the West Point cadets who died in Fort Lauderdale last Thursday.

I concede that people shouldn’t be consuming methamphetamine. But I don’t think it’s clear that our current system of prosecuting those who do is helpful. My sympathies here lie with the “offender”. Fuck the police.


In areas where substance abuse is treated as a medical issue rather than a criminal issue, this guy would have had his stuff tested for contaminants.


The 911 operator could have saved everyone a lot of time by telling him it was obviously real meth.


Not cool, Florida cops.

Here in BC users can get free testing kits for their supply. Mostly to test for Fenanyl or Benzos. Several people a day die of drug poisoning still, and anything that makes people less likely to do anything about that is a monstrosity.


As well, and wouldn’t you know it, he tested positive for stupidity. Poor Dude can’t catch a break.


As we all know:

I wish the political ‘leaders’ in Florida & Texas, etc weren’t seemingly in a contest to out-asshole each other.

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Anyone trying to make sure people aren’t getting Wacky Surprise Chemicals or outright poison deserves at least a little praise for having more social conscience than the average CEO.

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