Florida man sets self on fire while trying to burn down own home

To burn it down.



But her emails…

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That house never should have started with him.


“Hold my beer, & watch this…”

Famous last words

To be fair, Alabama has some pretty strong competition for Florida.

Some good 'ol boys were out “fishing[1]” on Lake Guntersville one lovely summer day when they saw clouds piling up fast on the horizon. One said it might be time to head for shore. However, there was still beer in the cooler.

A while later, wind picked up and the lake got choppy. Maybe this was time to head in? But there was still beer left.

The piled up and they heard thunder. It was, no two ways about it, time to stop being the highest point for a long way in every direction. However, one of them stood up and raised his can of beer high while (versions differ but everyone agrees that his pastor wouldn’t approve of what he said). And the totally predicable happened: lightning struck the beer can he held up and he dropped dead on the spot.

Lest anyone justifiably doubt this, it was actually reported as straight news (with names) in the Huntsville news in 1989 and I was there to see it when it came out.

[1] Lots of beer, fishing gear optional.

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