Florida Man Wears Kilt and Runs Marathon Barefoot


“It forces you to run with that good form."

Bravo Sir. Bravo.


Very true. Bully for him if his feet can take it. I have tried barefoot running, but I blister up too easy and never get more than 2 miles. The Vibram shoes everyone hates are just about right for me.


Why can’t we have more of THIS Florida man and less of the OTHER Florida man…?


So, do you think anything is worn under that kilt?


Hold up. I strongly suggest this be rephrased. I am not sure I want to see “more” of any man wearing a kilt!!!


I mean… others might want to…


A very plaid girl! Very plaid.


'Tis no more than what God gave me, ye Puritan pukes


A small tartan pouch worn beneath the kilt during the thistle-harvest.

– Douglas Adams, John Lloyd / The Meaning of Liff


If he’s running a marathon, for his sake, I do hope so.


Q: What’s worn under that kilt?

A: Nothing ma’m, everything under this kilt is in perfect working order.


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