Man wearing full Amish garb clocks great time in marathon

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Team Amish is kicking ass!


He’s the happiest, most mutated happy mutant I’ve seen all day. Stay beautiful, you glorious weirdo!


Is it possible no TV is good for your health? Who knew?


Two things. In extreme dry heat, covering up can actually help. There’s a reason desert cultures wear billowy loose fabric over all of their body. And Amish are very hardworking people in a pretty seasonally variant climate, so it stands to reason that their daily garb would be suitable to lots of physical exertion in a range of temperatures. Plus, while it might not be as breathable as high-performance synthetic fabrics, the morale boost of dressing the way that makes you feel right shouldn’t be discounted.


Nor interwebs.

Uh-huh. Let’s see him do it wearing the beard.


Since nobody has mentioned it yet, I just had to point out the delicious appropriateness of his name, which translates to “proudfoot” from German. And, yes the plural is “proudfeet”…


Reminds me of Cliff Young.


In the early days of the Internet I set up an Amish support and networking forum. It never really gained any traction.

Anyone runs a marathon, it’s impressive.


I wonder how long it takes to get from Harrisburg to Boston by buggy.

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Strange, what was their objection?



The horse code was too buggy.


The Interwebs Double Entendre Appreciation Society approves of the headline ‘Race’

Further along the tangent, Cliff Young reminds me of Grandma Gatewood:

In 1955, at the age of 67, Gatewood told her children (who were now adults) that she was going for a walk. They did not ask where or for how long, as they knew she was resilient and would take care of herself. About 5 years earlier, Gatewood read an article in National Geographic about the AT and thought “it would be a nice lark,” though in retrospect considering the difficulty she added “It wasn’t.” The magazine gave her the impression of easy walks and clean cabins at the end of each day’s walk. Thus she took little in the way of outdoor gear. She wore Keds sneakers and carried an army blanket, a raincoat, and a plastic shower curtain in a homemade denim bag slung over one shoulder. She would later say “For some fool reason, they always lead you right up over the biggest rock to the top of the biggest mountain they can find.”


Never been to this part of the world have you. We never have a dry heat.

Funny thing this weekend is the Philadelphia marathon I wonder if he entered, as it is only a 45 minute train ride away. On Philadelphia streets, people wearing full Amish garb are common. Our center city Farmers market (Reading Terminal) has numerous Amish merchants. I once was showing a visitor around and we grabbed lunch, and sat in a local park right next to a young Amish girl sitting,eating her lunch, and talking on her cell phone, like ever other American teenager. He thought she was an actress because you know they don’t use modern conveniences, as they are so backwards. Most Amish are fun loving and more importantly, average everyday people. It is only when you isolate people do the seem weird.

Would we even notice if some marathon runner was wearing a Hijab. My only question is does he wear running shoes? Those shoes can’t be comfortable for 26 miles.


I would have been surprised as well. Though I’m aware of the Amish communities in Pennsylvania and their history going all the way back to the founding of the colony, so I wouldn’t have suspected she was an actress. But I didn’t know Amish use cellphones. I never thought of it as backwards, just a different way of living. People got on without phones for the vast majority of human history.

I feel like this is a kind of thread-crossing post. When this thread and the Hobbit thread currently underway breed, I look forward to the offspring. A thread about how the Amish lifestyle is derived from the same parochial urges as Tolkein’s depiction of Hobbiton? An exploration of nonconformist tradition expressed in fantasy fiction? Quaker Orcs?


From Stelzfuß, “peg leg”.

He’s great, having fun just being alive in his young healthy body and blissfully unaware that he’s the subject of comment by total strangers. Here’s to you young man, live long and prosper.