Florida officials warn citizens that Booty Patrol is not Border Patrol

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“The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office discourages residents from pulling over in response to the Booty Patrol and to contact them with any information about the vehicle.”

Do they mean information like the truck license plate number? The one in the photo they posted?


Someone call the FBI.


… Or “Federal Bikini Inspector”, pretty much the same thing.


What does flower delivery have to do with it?

Suspicious Season 3 GIF by The Simpsons


Or, y’know, the Instagram handle on the sticker on the rear window


At least here in Massachusetts the law limits who is allowed to use flashing red and blue lights on their vehicles and the circumstances under which those people are allowed to use them. Does Florida have a similar statute on the books? It looks like the answer is yes.

Also I’m wondering if there’s some law about using signs or signals that are too similar to official government signs or signals that the decal shown on the truck window violates.


Yep, we do. There have been a couple of such cases in the past few weeks.


A warning to distinguish between Booty and Border is only germane to the section of the populace who can read

Oh yeah, we have that in California too!


Interesting, at least according to Google Lens, the Japanese is “Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department”. Wonder if that triggers any of the laws impersonating police.


Butt Boys, Butt Boys,
Watcha gonna do?
Watcha gonna do
when they come for you?


What they are wondering isn’t who this is, but rather whether he has actually tried to impersonate a law enforcement agent. THAT is the information that they are curious about.

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The Booty Patrol continue their noble mission to track down loot from the golden age of Caribbean piracy. I truly don’t understand the fuss.


There’s a Florida Man called Jeremy Dewitte who used escorting funeral processions as an excuse to impersonate a cop and had a team of pretend cops riding around on motorbikes and driving patrol cars. He’s also a convicted sex offender.


“Department of Hoes & Insecurity”

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A surprising hint of self-awareness.

Likely the vehicle operator is just on this side of the law and the cops are hoping to get a statement that they crossed that line. Until that happens they can’t do shit.

This is nothing new.

Back in the day a POS scrumbag could show up on Bar Row in some town with their fancy RV and get inebriated underage girls to perform for the camera with promises of stardom and fame.

IIRC Jeremy Dewitte (see above) stayed just the right side of the law in terms of the lights and markings on his vehicles. However, his cop cosplay extended to wearing a bodycam, which recorded him incriminating himself on multiple occasions.

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