Florida school censors play about censorship over Jewish lesbians

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I thought “cancel culture” was bad.


During the writing of this article, Slave Play playwright Jeremy O. Harris tweeted out in support,quoting another Vogel tweet, which asked anyone in Florida to help the students carry on the play somehow. O. Harris’ tweet asked if any followers had access to a theatre space to lend to the students so the play could go on as scheduled, and Vogel replied: “Would love for you to join us. We are organizing this week,” suggesting that, with help from the playwright herself, the curtains may not close quite yet for the Douglas Anderson company of Indecent .

Hopefully this production will find new life elsewhere.


well okay then.


It feels like Desantis wants to keep casting himself as the villain in Footloose.


The kids get it

“The 100-year anniversary of Sholem Asch’s ‘God of Vengeance’ being shut down on Broadway is the same week that our production of ‘Indecent’ would have opened,” said Madeline Scotti, the student who first drew attention on Instagram to the censorship by her local school board of the “queer Jewish love story” in which Scotti had been cast. “One hundred years — 100 years — and we are still fighting the same injustices that Sholem Asch and his company did.”

[Scotti continued] “Indecent’ is a story about how detrimental censorship is, about how its damaging effects can ruin a nation and a community. I don’t need to point out the irony.”


To be fair to The Seagull it features a suicide, but probably shouldn’t be described as about suicide.


I think that we can all agree that those who fight against bigotry are the real bigots /s


he is just a vile, villainous villian. no need to compare.


Fair. I worked on a production a few years back with Kate Burton and Mariah Aitken and it leaned into the family comedy aspect tremendously well. Finally! An actually funny Chekhov!


At least the students are learning from this experience. They understand exactly what the school board is trying to tell them. The school board couldn’t have asked for a better summation of their position without saying it out loud themselves.

And because the student put it so well, the rest of us can also plainly see the bigotry, intolerance, hatred, and utter immorality of the members of the school board. They are filthy scum who all richly deserve court orders to remain at least 500 feet away from children and schools, and to have their powers stripped away immediately.


I was in it, and we (the cast) were always wondering about that. “This is supposed to be funny? I don’t hear anyone laughing out there.”

On the last page, I brought out the titular avian, saying something along the lines of “We had the seagull you shot last summer stuffed. And here it is.”

And the response was “I don’t understand.”

I was always tempted to say “Hey man, it’s symbolic! Try to work with me on this!”

And how many schools perform Romeo and Juliet in a given year?


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