Florida skunk ape is real and "gives out a horrifying odor": National Examiner


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/03/30/florida-skunk-ape-is-real-and.html


And can be spotted at Mar-a-Lago every weekend.


National Examiner? Why not a reputable site like Cryptomundo?


These “supermarket tabloid updates” are perhaps the worst thing on boing boing. I mean . . . I get it, these ridiculous rags are worthy of being mocked, but on a site like BB it’s preaching to the choir.

Anyway, stories about the skunk ape are a welcome change of pace from hearing about whats-her-face and who-gives-a-fuck and how their divorce is going so smoothly. Takes me back to the glory days of the Weekly World News and “Vampire Batboy Found In Cave” which at least was entertaining for it’s surreal silliness.


O.J. Simpson plans to hook up with monster mom

I had to stop there for lack of Whiskey at my home-bar. My deepest apologies.


Skunk ape? Nah, probably not. Florida skunk ape … now that seems plausible.


The real problem is their lack of genetic diversity. There’s been arguments that they should bring in some Texas skunk apes to interbreed but there’s the argument that doing so will destroy the subspecies.


Skunk Ape?! Sounds like a job for Encyclopedia Brown…


A great headline “Millions of American’s will Die!”


I think we can work out what that is.




As a faceblind person, this is how i feel every time i encounter one of these snot rags in the checkout line. Like, who are these people, why should i care, and why is only their first name on the cover, if that?


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