This time it's real, says Bigfoot hoaxer


“Bigfoot is not a tooth fairy – Bigfoot is real,” Dyer said.

He’s just saying that because he wasn’t a good enough tracker to hunt down and shoot the Tooth Fairy.


Gosh I wonder who ran those DNA tests, and what they used as a baseline? The one problem with Science magazine is it’s so slow on breaking news like this.


As a child I read everything I could find about cryptids. I am now much more skeptical than that child but every time someone does something like this my inner child weeps. It’s like the Six Million Dollar Man Bigfoot all over again. IMO Whoever thought a bionic bigfoot made by aliens is cooler than a real bigfoot was wrong.(Andre the Giant however was awesome as usual)

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Of Course it’s not the Tooth Fairy - that is obviously the Hogfather in the photograph.

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Said Miss Van Pelt as she held the football…


Nope. Chuck Testa.

so bigfoot is real. and he likes Wal-Mart ribs, and got shot over them. man, I don’t like any ribs that much…

I really hope he’s a liar again, rather than a murderer this time.


He could be both if there was actually a dude inside the costume this time.

Why are you giving this ass the attention he craves? It’s beyond obvious this is a fraud - the claim about DNA alone is enough to prove it (genuinely convincing DNA evidence would be huge news confirmed and released by someone with credibility; that instead the claim of convincing DNA evidence is made by a known fraudster amounts to proof a new fraud is being perpetrated).


There’s an old saying in Tennessee - I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee - that says, fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - you can’t get fooled again.


This sounds like an awesome premise for a movie: a guy with a history of hoaxes ends up stumbling across an actual cryptozoological specimen, but no one will believe him.


I’m thinking an adult version of “Chunk” from Goonies.


So he snagged conclusive evidence by shooting a rare living creature. If you’re going to hoax a story why go with the worst route possible?

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I dunno naysayers - this is looking pretty legit this time. He fooled me once, so shame on him, but if he fools me twice then shame on…look, he’s not gonna fool me again.

Not necessarily the worst route possible. A dedicated hoaxer would have hired a taxidermist to make a fake corpse, P.T. Barnum-style, from the remains of a gorilla and a hobo.

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I fear that unless someone stops this nut, he is eventually going to kill a real person and pass it off as a “bigfoot”.

Why are you giving this ass the attention he craves?

This is already on the sites for gullible people. I’d prefer to know about it too (forewarned is forearmed), and a snarky delivery and reminder of this guy’s history certainly helps.

The boy who cried sasquatch?

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