Is Blinky the bigfoot really Todd Standing?



I do not know this word.

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Les Stroud’s show on bigfoot really hurt his reputation, I think. I am a huge Les fan. Survivorman might not be your cup of tea, but you really learn a great deal. What he’s gone through is astounding on many levels. But seeing him appear to fall for the bigfoot expert’s bs was hard to watch.

All that said, bigfoot is real. He raided my bird feeder last night.


chicanery, misidentification and gullibility,you forgot drunk and stoned.

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It would be awesome if Todd Standing was really a Sasquatch that made it to civilization, bought a razor, and looking at the contemporary homo sapiens job market … thought, “I’ll just be a writer.”


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Standing should take a seat, his legs are going to get tired standing around scientists’ doors for a serious hearing. His only ‘evidence’—a single hair—was determined to be human.

Its an alternate spell of this:

I always thought it was Yiddish, but apparently its origins are obscure. Though for damn sure its heavily used by those who frequently employ bits and pieces of Yiddish slang. Like New Yorkers for example, even the non-Jewish ones.

That actually didn’t surprise me. He presented/referenced of a lot of new age-ish or noble savage/back to nature spirituality on the show over the years. Often uncritically and some what surprisingly as literally true. It was subtle but it was there. And that sort of thing is often connected in some ways to that macho wilderness explorer thing. Though Stroud does seem to otherwise downplay or avoid other aspects of that trope. Presumably because he’s coming at it from a search and rescue background rather than “adventure sports” or fetishising Shackleton.

I have only ever heard it applied to lawyers, which made me wonder if Bigfoot was involved in litigation.

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