This is either a petrified Bigfoot skull, or a rock


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Are we sure is not Jebus?


“There’s haters out there, other Bigfoot enthusiasts that don’t like that I found something first,” May said.

He spelled “people with eyes” wrong.


Pareidolia rears its ugly head.


Smells like a non-denial attempt at a coverup by Big Geology trying to hide the truth.


It is not just a petrified Bigfoot skull - it is the LAST Bigfoot. Look at that sad face. He died from loneliness.


Also, this reminds me of a guy in California digging up triangular shaped rocks and saying there were scales or spine scales of dragons.


"In fact, he says the creatures have thrown rocks at him. . . "

How does he know they weren’t throwing Bigfoot skulls?

We’re through the looking glass here. Trust no one. . .




It doesn’t matter if it looks like a face, it has no joints! How does he think skulls work??

(Sorry, I realize that’s a frivolous use of the word “think”.)


Where is Ed Conrad when he’s really needed??


I see what you did there.


Stories like these make me sad. The levels of ignorance present in everyday America, an industrialized nation, is heartbreaking. I mean for goodness sake, why would a petrified skull have a flesh FACE ON IT!?!

Good gawd. A rudimentary understanding of how one’s own body is put together would tell anyone with a brain that it’s not a skull. Cluelessness like this is just depressing.

The good news is, his vote in any election still counts.


Wait, so that monster from GalaxyQuest was supposed to be a Bigfoot?




#"… or a rock"

What are the chances of that?!?!?!


I came here to post the same thing! Unfortunately Ed’s website seems to be down at the moment, and the Wayback Machine doesn’t have a copy. :sob:


I like your answer the best. And BTW, how do we know his guy didn’t just kill’em and petrify the head? Something’s fishy here, and this guy has some answers to provide!


Gotta give him credit–if you’re going to be photographed unshaven while holding a petrified Bigfoot skull, making sure to wear the most pajama-like shirt ever is an excellent touch.


You have articulated my feelings exactly.

I like to think I could have been as eloquent, were I not currently pounding my head into my desk.


It’s a streetlight.