Florida state cop says he can't remember why he bought mobile stalking app

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Be your own personal NSA!


So since he may have used it on a case, by his own statement, does that mean they need to go back and review each and every case he worked on at DEA and for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to ensure the evidence he gathered and his testimony wasn’t poisoned by his use of this software without a wiretap order? In that case, who pays for the review? In my opinion it may be worth an appeal for anyone who was convicted and sentenced to a long enough prison term.


That Motherboard website is cool–lots of good stuff there.

Can’t remember? Obviously it was…


I’m wondering - what would a cop looking at a suspect think of his explanation?


Why wouldn’t he just say he wanted to see how it worked because he was going to write a crime novel? Seems like a perfect cover for buying an app like that.


People who want to use apps to spy on their kids should seriously reconsider.

It’s not that you shouldn’t monitor your child’s online activities, it’s that you should foster a dialogue with the child to discuss the complexities and issues as they arise.

I dread the psychological consequences of having a parent confront a child with evidence of whatever they’ve been caught getting up to on the interwebs.


It’s like the “Arkangel” episode of Black Mirror.


Londo Mollari?

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We’ve got an app on our phones that just tracks our locations. Which is great when I need to know if Mr. Bells left work yet, or so he can see that I’ve stopped at the mall and that’s why I’m late getting home (he’s always worried I’m dead in a ditch somewhere, this way he doesn’t have to bug me about it.)

Ironically, though, if I’m out late it’s my daughter who will send me multiple requests to “check in.” Mom stays out past 10pm and she gets worried.


Yeah, this makes sense – but I know of a few moms who have decided to essentially bug their kids, read their chats and texts and what have you.

It’s hard to tell if it’s out of an abundance of concern around “the dangerous interwebs” or if they have bad boundaries, I think it’s a little of both.

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