Motherboard files legal complaint against London police to force it to explain why an officer bought creepy, potential illegal stalkerware

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How else was he supposed to get a date?


I do like that they pointed out that there may well be a perfectly reasonable reason to get a copy, if they’re investigating how it works. After all, they might want to go after the people that use it, or tie the maker to the illegal use.

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It could be a matter of ‘how do perps use this to creep on the good citizenry.’ Or not. Worth looking into.


Given the refusal of an explanation, it seems overly charitable to leave a legitimate excuse on the table…

Given the absence of specific evidence of misuse, it seems prejudicial to discuss only the possible abuses

Given the general climate of abuse by authorities everywhere, it seems hopelessly naive to imagine there might be a good reason behind this.

Why the fuck not be prejudiced. Somebody needs to make up for all the rubes still being sucked in.

prejudicial != prejudiced


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